Use 3R Formula to Bring Back Your Writing Spirit

Reffi Dhinar
Light Mind
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4 min readMar 17, 2024


3R is my own formula whenever I become a procrastinator

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As a writer, I don’t always find myself in the right frame of mind to create. Between the demands of office life and those days when I’m just not feeling up to par physically, my motivation to write can wane. That’s why I came up with what I call the “3R Formula,” a personal invention to reignite my writing spirit.

This 3R Formula took shape after a lot of introspection and tinkering with different productivity strategies in the creative field.

I’ve always been fascinated by topics ranging from psychology to mindset, so naturally, I dug deep to understand the ups and downs of my productivity.

Activities like life tracking and monitoring how I spend my time have been part of my routine since my student days.

What is 3R Formula?

The 3R Formula stands for Rest, Review, and Refocus. After delving into the concepts of a growth mindset and the Pomodoro Technique, I continually self-evaluate whenever I feel lazy or fail to meet my writing targets. This involves an objective analysis.

The first thing that I did while I practice this formula is realizing that my body needs rest. Then, I proceed to review the activities that have drained my energy…