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We Need a Personal Calendar

Every dream should be measured

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Yesterday I chatted with one of my best friend. She was my friend in a shared house when I was in college. She is two years younger than me and I know that she has so many goals for her future.

“I am an average person. Sometimes I feel stuck,” she said.

“So what is your goal?” I asked.

I waited for a few minutes until she replied. “I have so many goals which I want to achieve.”

Our Time is Limited

Our conversation triggered an idea in my mind. Some people asked me the same question, “How can I manage my time to reach my annual resolution?” Actually, I don’t have any special advice. I learned it from my Mom. She told me that our time is limited, and we weren’t born as a multitasker. We should know about our priority and make our own schedule.

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At first, I think that having many dreams is cool. I love writing, learning a foreign language, reading, and travelling. Even in writing, I want to be a successful writer in multigenre because my reading taste is considered to have a wide range. Then, I learn everything. I buy a French book, I join in a blogging class, I look for the resources on how to be a travel blogger. Then I feel that my progress is nowhere.

Time is limited, so why I can’t conquer everything. I should feed myself so I must work to earn money. Thinking about my hobbies too much is not healthy too. I can’t eat and pay my daily expenses through my hobbies (maybe in the future I can earn more from my hobby? Who knows?)

And after my health condition decreased, I know I should set my priority. I can’t become a master in everything.

My Personal Calendar

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I break my hobbies. I look at them objectively. I measure my capability and my own time. I make a long list of the pros and cons of every goal that I want to achieve. So here I am, I cancel my plan to pursue an overseas master degree scholarship and focus on my writing career. I decided to learn Korean and polishing my Japanese skill besides practising my English skill almost every day. Learning Korean is very fun because I find many similarities with Japanese. Learning french will need so much time and I don’t have any attraction to this language as big as Korean. I love watching Korean dramas so it helps me to study more.

I do the same thing in my writing career. I love writing fiction and nonfiction articles. I want to make a big leap but it absorbs my energy level. So I monetize my content writing skill, creating a writing class, and considering writing a novel as a hobby not only for earning money. Maybe my book is not on the bestseller list but I’m satisfied with my content writing progress. I can add my saving amount, inviting my family to a trip, and buying books or joining in a class because of my freelance job as a content writer. I make a good deal with some reputable clients.

I mark my calendar. Every year, I write down my target for my content writing task, writing class, and a new book plan. I manage a target for language learning but I choose to learn it little by little. Every goal has its own deadline. I balance it with my other hobbies such as watching anime/kdramas, workout and daydreaming. My personal calendar is adjustable.
Sometimes we should compromise if we want to be on the top tier. If we won’t be ordinary, we should know how to create a strategy. A personal calendar is my best tool to control my life and setting my goal.



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