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When I Start Believing in Manifestation

I am trapped in a rat race and start to solve my life’s problem

I believe in working hard. Work hard, play hard is an idiom that I like. As I believe in the importance of life balance, seeking harmony during working hours is my favourite activity. But, when I understand the power of manifestation, I feel easier.


I work as a Japanese speaker staff in a company. Honestly, I want to monetize my writing and language skills in my own side business more than becoming a company worker. Every day my brain mode jumps from office job to my side business. I feel I don’t have enough time to maximize my writing skill.

In fact, I have some writing skills, known as a writing coach, and publishing books. It is like I should work hard to maintain my double life. Then I almost feel the burnout.

I want to live in harmony. I want to make my life in sync with money without desperation. On contrary, I still need my office job to pay my bills and helping my retiring parent occasionally. My saving account isn’t that much, so I just keep thinking about my job and freelancing tasks.

Then I find a group that is talking about femininity. I also follow Ms April Mason’s social media, a femininity coach, who helping women to embrace their femininity and changing their whole life’s aspect.

Therefore, I know if ‘work hard, play hard’ is an only rat race for me. When I work, I want the day off. When I’m on holiday, I think about my money and want to work again. Then, I decide to change my miserable thought through joining Ms April Mason’s social app (paid app) to enjoy the enjoyable nuggets about femininity.

Manifesting and Attracting

Everyone has their masculine and feminine side. If we tune in the right mode, we can craft our life like magic. I’m a Muslim and I believe in my God, but sometimes my attitude speaks otherwise. For instance, I want to have a new writing client, I pray to God, but in the reality, my doubt is bigger. Faith will work successfully if we put our trust in 100%.

After I learn about femininity, I know that I’m in the wrong vibration. I keep hustling, chasing new clients and overwork my mental also body. Femininity is about attracting, manifesting, nurturing. Yes, we need masculinity if we work as a leader, but don’t forget to nurture our feminine soul. This is the grand design for a woman.

So, I make my first vision board. I write down my 5 biggest lists on a white paper. I eliminate some projects that is forcing me to work until I’m tired. I enjoy my time in the office and doing my duties consciously. When I am in my office, I won’t think about my book or writing clients.

I use my time to workout, reading my favourite books, learning in the various online class, and being selective to pick a writing offer or writing competition. If my eyes ask to close and sleepy, I will turn off my gadgets and go to my bed. I pray and I believe in my manifestations.

If I should let go a great opportunity because it doesn’t match with my working time or my rate card, I don’t be upset anymore. I can create and attract other opportunities.

Trust me, it works well so far.

So, if you are often tired and realising about the imbalance in your life, please stop for a while. Take a pause and seek the root cause.

Walk slower, take a deep breath. Manifest!



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