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How to stop crime in your neighborhood

What a morning. Last night two people smashed a basement window, hopped in the house, took some keys, and then stole two vehicles from the driveway less than a mile from our home. It’s posted on video right here.

To show how easy it is to be a thief today, the thieves then proceeded to use the stolen vehicle to steal more stuff up and down the same street! What a perfect cover. Make it look like your neighbor is parked on the road meanwhile they’re cleaning the WHOLE BLOCK out. This is just 2 weeks after 100 people were arrested in one day for theft and other related incidents a couple miles away. Clearly arrests alone aren’t much of a deterrence. Less than 7 days ago I witnessed 50+ citizens gathered together to meet the police and yell at them (at least some were yelling!) how bad things were in their neighborhood. Clearly yelling and then promises to do more from the police alone don’t have an immediate and direct effect.

Six months ago we had a suspicion there was a better way. That suspicion was that IF neighbours, co-workers, and people in the neighbourhood KNEW what just took place, many would gladly help. If the police could get accurate photos and a trail of evidence in real time they too could act faster and more effectively. And it turns out there is a way. This can happen right now.

In less than 6 months our theory has been proven correct time and time again. Today there are over 5% of Grande Prairie’s population who have gotten involved in this, our first test. Thru this program, trucks that were stolen were returned to the owner in less than 30 minutes. Vandals who could care less who they hurt were scared into stopping. And notorious thieves who had angered and frustrated people for over 10 years were brought to jail with an iron tight case against them for the first time. We saw direct evidence. If the right pieces were put together it’s possible to start making a community a different place.

10x Faster than any other option

Screen shot of Lightcatch app under development

So here’s how with your help we’re going to stop crime in your and my neighbourhood. Crimes that are captured via video camera’s are going to be uploaded to the Lightcatch website. This will be done no charge for anyone at any time. Next we’re going to capture the location of where that footage was taken from. Once our operations team can view and verify the crime we’re going to blast that out to every mobile phone user in the area of the crime. The community will be able to download and use the app for free so we expect thousands, then millions, then tens of millions to have this app very soon. As fast as we can help cover a city with enough operations people is how fast we’re going to cover North America with this better way of doing things.

Once we show how much better this system is than what most communities are stuck with, we are convinced this will catch on real real fast. In fact, we believe it won’t take more than 24–36 months before the majority of the public across North America will say something like ‘Of course we should take every crime that is caught on a security camera and push that footage out to every mobile phone user in that area’. And once people see how well that works they’ll be able to say ‘Of course, letting everyone see this crime footage on their mobile now gives all their neighbors, co-workers, and anyone in the area a chance to see what just took place.’ It just makes sense that once those local people get alerted on their mobile they should have a safe secure method to help the police build a trail of evidence.’ By giving the community the tools they need you and I can help build a trail of evidence for the police. At the speed of light.

Do you recognize this truck?

GMC Truck Stolen June 23 and recovered within 30 minutes of posting

Fortunately for this owner, within 30 minutes of posting this truck had been stolen, it had been recognized. He then posted he was following the truck until the police arrived. After the truck thief realized this nice new expensive GMC that had just been stolen was ALSO being followed, the thief didn’t want to wait until the police arrived! The thief stopped the vehicle in a public place and hopped out leaving his bicycle still in the box! The owner got his truck back with nothing more than a little bit of gas going missing.

Compare that result to calling into the police. First the owner would wait for someone in law enforcement to arrive. Then they’d make a statement. Then they would wait for the truck to be identified by the police. This could be 1 hour later, 1 day later, even 2–3 days later. Who knows where the truck could be at that point. Maybe by the time the police are able to identify what to look for it would look like this.

Truck stolen June 11 and ‘recovered’ 4 days later June 15 — too late!

The difference between the OLD way of doing things and the NEW way of doing things isn’t 10x faster. It’s closer to 10x faster and 100X CHEAPER.

Does anyone know these two men?

Two men leaving farm at 5am June 15 with items that did not belong to them.

These men were photographed driving off a farm site at 5am one Wed morning after they had been photographed stealing items from the yard. By Friday the police had not been able to return the victims phone call let alone create a file #. A relative (thanks Mom!) of the victim had had enough. She posted the pictures to the community that Friday. Within 24 hours the victims had received SIX independent confirmations of who this person was. More than a name they also received photos of the license plate, and photos of the driver of the truck STILL wearing the same hat. The victims even knew roughly where the location of the truck was at thanks to people just like you and me. Think of the value just given to the police. Before they even had time to pick up the phone to call the victim back a whole treasure trove of evidence had been provided to them. For free!

The most exciting thing about this model in action is how a little involvement from the community can lead to such significant results. In both the cases above it was strangers to the victims who responded.

We’ve seen these types of caring acts happen time after time over the last few months. We hope that everyone can be a part of this very exciting journey. Get ready. To me it’s as plain as day that sooner or later someone is going to do this. I really hope it’s going to be our little company.

We’ve had such a positive response to date it seems like now is the time to ask if other communities can help us take this service to the next level. With the free service and the free app soon coming we want to ask for your involvement to help roll out the service to your community. Let us know which community needs this service next.



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