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Recoveries & Results Oct 15–28

Here’s a list of the items that were stolen and then recovered between Oct 15–28, 2020. The red Tahoe was recovered within 5 hours of being on Lightcatch.

Examples of how people used Lightcatch for results.

Here are examples of how Lightcatch is used to alert others in a rural area.

The Sturgeon County area of Alberta had 100–200 new users get Lightcatch this week. It was great to see the new users be able to work together so quickly.

Example of how one area with almost 100% new users warned each other of suspicious activity nearby.

Here’s another example from a City of suspicious activity all within 24 hours.

The lake is circled to show the activity is all within close distance.

Protect your property and others property with as little as 5 minutes per week when enough people are using Lightcatch nearby.



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