Repeat offender gets surprised in the country

Darren Boyer
Sep 12, 2020 · 2 min read

This guy kept trying to escape and everything he tried was failing. Nine vehicles and multiple police jurisdictions normally works!

This time the people had better ‘weapons’. They could update each other about what was happening like below.

A map of the suspects movement covering several hundred square miles.

In the end this guy got busted. Tough neighbourhood to get away when everyone has each others backs.

Look at this conviction record. It’s crazy.

2020 Aug 25 — “The suspect, Cody Feil, travelled through several jurisdictions, abandoning the stolen pick-up truck and stealing several (we heard 8) other unlocked pick-up trucks, left with the keys in the ignitions, as he evaded responding police.” –

2018 — June 6 — A Red Deer man wanted on three warrants faces 24 new criminal charges after ramming an RCMP cruiser while attempting to evade arrest in a stolen truck yesterday afternoon.

2017 — Nov 30 30 year old Cody Feil faces the following charges: Possession of weapon for dangerous purpose, Weapons possession contrary to order, Possession of stolen property under $5,000 X 2, Feil also faced a number of traffic and GLA charges.

2014 April 16 — A man charged in relation to a high speed police chase that ended near Eckville in late January will spend the next three years behind bars.

2014 — January 23 RCMP in central Alberta have issued a Canada-wide warrant for a man with what police called an extensive criminal history.

2013 — Suspended from driving in Alberta.

Several Lightcatch users spotted this guy after a stolen truck alert was made on the app. They also called 911. With more Lightcatch users he could have been tracked non-stop in real time. But the alerts below were good enough to help. And he did get arrested. He probably couldn’t figure out why the cops kept showing up so often! People were on his tail the whole time.


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