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Unorthodox but effective home security

Over $50,000 of volunteer firefighting equipment has been stolen in the first 6 months of 2020 and it’s all been taken from five different halls within a two hour drive of my hometown. As far as I know only 1 of the 5 firehalls hit ended up getting some of the stolen items back.

The thing about these thefts is from the 2nd theft onwards they all could have been stopped. 😣😥

You see I strongly felt that if the same volunteer firefighters who already spend a lot of their time cleaning up the hall, maintaining the equipment, and then more time going out and serving their community on call outs could have been involved as soon as a crime started things would be different. If we asked them to spend just 1–2 minutes looking if any alert ever came from the Firehall building they gladly would do that. After all, it’s the equipment they’ve put so much time into.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Not only that but those same volunteers would already be living fairly close to the Fire Halls affected. So if an alert did come on Lightcatch they would have been some of the first and best people to crowdsource information for the police. The problem was those volunteers weren’t seeing what happened until hours after the thefts took place and by then the criminals were long gone.

It looked like a perfect setup to show how Crime Blocker™ can help.

After the first theft I called the Fire Chief of one County and offered to do a demo, provided Councillors as references, and even waived fee for Crime Blocker™. It all looked good over the phone but despite several follow ups interest died out.

After the second break in I offered to come in person or host a web conference. We discussed once again how the setup is only 10 minutes, how we could demo the service so there was no risk, and how the fee would still be waived. Once again, I was told it all sounds good but the Covid 19 pandemic had them very busy right now and I’d get a call back.

The third break in was at a different County. I called up the Director of Protective Services and told him there were hundreds nearby using Lightcatch almost daily. Those same people were already getting results from the app why not have them help keep an eye on their local Fire Halls? It got passed on to some other person for review.

More Fire Halls and buildings were broken into at both Counties and I never got a call back or even an inquiry.

This probably looks like a rant on government inefficiency but it truly isn’t. It’s really an email to show that when there is a completely unorthodox, simple solution right in front of good people it can be so hard for them to see it.

You see Crime Blocker™ is a new invention. No one has ever seen anything like it. Often because they think they know ‘security’ they simply can’t imagine something so simple could be so helpful. Yet we have reams of data and testimonials that show it’s completely a game changer.

As much success as we have with Lightcatch I see over and over how homeowners could easily get much better results using Crime Blocker™. If you have security camera’s now I ask you consider adding Crime Blocker™ to your home security. Anyone in your family can use it anytime once you do the 10 minute setup. And it’s a complete game changer….. for personal safety and for crime prevention.


We see dozens of crimes every week. Free or low cost home safety solutions done before the incident happened would help so many of them save time and money.



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