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Takedown of one of Canada’s Most Wanted

Bradley Duff, one of Canada’s most wanted, was arrested 75 minutes after stealing a Jeep in Grande Prairie on Canada Day.

He had previously escaped several manhunts, high speed pursuits, aerial searches, and police dogs. He had a history of ramming police cars and carrying guns.

Here’s the whole story including the seven other times he had already escaped the law in 2020.

High speed escape now = useless

Duff escaped police in three RCMP pursuits\confrontations in those 75 minutes.

But the theft was also on Lightcatch within 10 minutes of it occurring. Lightcatch is the worlds leading tool where the public can see how close they are to danger and crowdsource updates. Users were aware of the vehicles movements much of the time. Updates were also sent in to the RCMP.

High speed pursuits can outrun the police but they can never outrun the public. There is always someone a little further down the road with a phone in their pocket. That person can update everyone, including the police, the suspects location.

Hundreds More Like Him

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of situations just as potentially dangerous as this unfolding every week.

Crystal Meth, for example, has been labelled an ‘epidemic’ across the country. A high can last for 30 hours. During that time they often don’t sleep and eat very little.

The next fix can be as low as $5. That is one stolen bicycle on the street. So while we are in bed they will steal anything and do anything to find the next fix.

Did you know scavenger animals will not eat the dead body of a meth addict? And if meth rots the flesh and it rots the teeth won’t it also rot the mind? That’s just what our police chief said it does. A group of citizens met him outside City Hall in 2019 when he made this statement.

Stopping repeat offenders & addicts

Turn these people’s weaknesses against them. If they can’t help themselves from stealing catch them on video if they come to your property. Then post that video to Lightcatch instantly so people can crowdsource their movement until police make an arrest.

So many people in 2020 will remember the death of George Floyd because the video was so shocking. But good video of any crime has a similar effect.

Repeat offenders often just get ‘a slap on the wrist’ because the evidence against them is gathered too slow. We the public can change that by providing it to the police almost instantly.

Rural properties, like where this Jeep was, are especially attractive targets. There is usually more stuff to steal and the police can be a longer time coming. Turn thieves weakness against them. Rural properties are also the longest drive to escape from. If the neighbours all use Lightcatch there are longer stretches of road where they can see a suspect coming their way and update everyone the direction of travel.

We created a tool called Crime Blocker™ so anyone can email video of a suspect from their security camera footage to Lightcatch. It takes about 10–20 seconds to do the whole thing from a mobile phone. That alert then goes out to everyone who lives or works nearby using the free app.

Stop them before they break the law

It is great to see a criminal like this in jail. But it would have been so much better if an alert was sent 90 minutes before the Jeep was stolen. You see, Bradley Duff tried doing another break and enter that morning. Before he stole the Jeep he’d tried stealing something else. Police were even in the area.

If the first property had used Lightcatch everyone nearby could have been watching. People may even have seen a good image of the suspect to know what to look for.

Here is what the owner of the Jeep felt. He was out of town on a fishing trip Canada Day.

We’d like to ask your help in getting this message out. Please share Lightcatch with those who live and work close to you.

Consider getting Crime Blocker™ so you can send an email from your security cameras to those Lightcatch users as soon as something suspicious happens.

Here is the list of prior escapes

There was also a stolen truck from Edmonton in April 2020.

From these accounts of his escapes it seems people could have used Crime Blocker™ and or Lightcatch to alert the public much sooner than what actually happened. This time delay from when it was reported to when the police arrived provided enough delay for him to escape over and over. We the public can provide a better stronger network of information to law enforcement if we each do just a little bit to make a difference.

I hope you can help us in this movement.

Follow up — Sentencing



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