12 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

1. Google Self Driving Bicycle: Google is introducing the Google Self Driving Bicycle in Amsterdam, the world’s premier cycling city. The Dutch cycle more than any other nation in the world, almost 900 kilometres per year per person, amounting to over 15 billion kilometres annually.

2. REI Celebrates the Inspirational Stories of Dedicated Hikers in New Campaign: To celebrate its customers’ love of hiking and exploring the outdoors, REI launched Every Trail Connects, a series of three six- to eight-minute videos that tell emotional stories from three of America’s hiking trails. The first video, which launched in January, features Errol “The Rocket” Jones, a 65-year-old long-distance runner who trains on the Bay Area Ridge Trail outside of San Francisco.

3. Sky to live-stream sport and news on Facebook: Sky is planning to broadcast “a great deal of content” on Facebook Live in the coming months across both news and sports, according to digital director Lucien Bowater.

4. This Mobile Agency Found Its Newest Intern on Tinder: If you want to hire interns to work at a mobile agency, you need to find them in apps where they spend a lot of time — like Tinder. Earlier this year, Dentsu-owned Fetch’s New York office set up a Tinder profile to find potential interns within the app’s roughly 50 million users who skew between the ages of 18 to 34.

5. Bupa How is your body performing? How do you get twenty to thirty-somethings — an age group who feel bulletproof — to want to book in for a Bupa health assessment? Bupa How is your body performing is an interactive music video starring iconic band The Futureheads. Each band member represents a different part of the body: the drummer the heart, the vocalist the lungs, the bass the bones and the guitarist the liver, as they perform their hit song Heartbeat.

6. Burberry products now carry Snapchat tags that link to first-of-its-kind fashion channel:Burberry has found a unique way to promote its first-ever Snapchat Discover channel. The high-end British fashion brand is putting Snapchat QR codes on the tags of selected items in its retail stores. When scanned, the codes allow customers to access its content on the visual media app.

7. Domino’s Cooks Up Its Latest Tech Move: Zero Click Ordering: On Wednesday the chain plans to announce Zero Click, an app that will place a customer’s saved “Easy Order” almost as soon it is opened. After a 10-second countdown clock ticks down on the screen, the order is in.

8. Clear The Pitch: In honor of International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on 4 April, Grey for Good, the philanthropic arm of Grey Group Singapore, teamed up with Danish not-for-profit DanChurchAid (DCA) to launch “Clear The Pitch”. The #ClearThePitch campaign drives support for creating safer communities, free of dangerous remnants of war such as land mines, unexploded ammunition and cluster bombs, in post-conflict zones all around the world.

9. Spotify Playlist Stories: Spotify is running “Spotify Playlist Stories”, a brand campaign featuring the soundtrack from the 1984 film Never Ending Story, Pope Francis and his album “Wake Up”. The “Never Ending Story” commercial brings together again actor Noah Hathaway (Atreyu) and voiceover artist Alan Oppenheimer (Falkor). Viewers are connected with a 1980s playlist online at Neverending80s.com.

10. Strongbow Nature Remix: The world’s leading cider brand, Strongbow Apple Ciders, has launched a new global marketing campaign, called ‘Nature Remix’. Through a series of coordinated acts in seven cities around the world, the campaign aims to reconnect city dwelling consumers with nature, making their everyday environment a more enjoyable place to live. The campaign comprises experiential activity, as well as a new TV commercial, digital films and social media amplification.

11. Twerking Puppies Shake Your Hindquarters: Hindquarters, a dog products company in the UK, is developing an online presence with Twerking Puppies Shake Your Hindquarters, a lighthearted video featuring dancing dogs and their admirers. Taking a pop promo style approach to capitalise on the popularity of music genre videos consumed online, the film points satirically to butt-shaking music videos.

12. BMW Baby Boots: BMW’s contribution to April Fool’s Day this year was the launch of BMW Baby Boots. Every once in a while a game changing baby product hits the market. Using BMW xDrive technology, parents can see a marked improvement in their child’s walking performance. Carpet. Ceramic tiles. Varnished wood. A change of surface can change everything for a child. BMW xDrive Baby Boots, with intelligent, dynamic control, react to the slightest wobble and change of terrain.

Originally published at lighthouseinsights.in on April 10, 2016.