Saying “Yes” to Everything Can Change Your Life

How challenging yourself can lead to happiness

Matt Inman
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2 min readNov 18, 2020


Last year, I stepped away from my job and the company I’d been with for the last 19 years. Looking back over a year later, so much of the world has changed. We are in the midst of a pandemic with many people out of work, businesses are struggling, and a general feeling of apathy. It’s been a rough year. Yet, I don’t regret my decision in the least.

When I left, a friend gave me some great advice. She told me to say “Yes” to every opportunity that came along. No matter how trivial or outrageous, say “Yes” and do it.

I took her advice, which led me to some of my most significant experiences since college. Some of the incredible opportunities that presented themselves.

  • Working with the local TEDx organization coaching speakers.
  • Remodeling a friend’s kitchen.
  • Volunteering at a local startup.
  • Rock climbing in Yosemite National Park.
  • Attending an outdoor lifestyle retreat in California.
  • Volunteering at a Boys and Girls club and writing an article about the experience.
  • Helping a local company install computers at its new office.
  • Taking a job where I had to put customers and staff above myself.
  • Taking surf lessons in Hawaii.
  • Running my first half marathon.

All the time, meeting amazing people and experiencing the awe the world can show you.

I have experienced firsthand the impact of changing things up. Adopting a different outlook and attitude has significantly increased fulfillment in my life and made me excited to share it. I struggle to imagine what the past year would have been like if I had turned down even one of those things.

Whenever I get discouraged and wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I think of a quote from rock climber Alex Honnold.

Anybody can be happy and cozy, nothing good happens in the world by being happy and cozy.

If you want to do something amazing you need to leave your comfort zone! There is a time to be happy and cozy and a time to excel. Take the opportunity to perform.

I’m just an average person who decided his life could be better. You have to make that choice, to make it better and believe that it will be amazing. It all starts by saying “Yes”.

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