LBTC Data Update

On October 10, 2018 LBTC successfully upgraded the mainnet, according to the passed proposal on the SGS system.

The proposal suggested to remove the block high data before the fork, and to terminate claiming of the coin by bitcoin holders.
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Data Update

1Block height. After the removal of Bitcoin blockchain data , blocks in the LBTC Network start from 1, and the total number of created LBTCs is 3590926.

Check the data in the LBTC Block Explorer

Block 1

2Consensus configurations. LBTC Network configuration remained the same. Forging speed is 3 seconds with a block size of 2M. Forging reward for each block is 0.0625 LBTC.

3Raiming coins. The total number of remaining LBTC coins to be forged is 3875,000.

This data is different from the data announced previously. We apologize for this disinformation.
That happened because announcment referred to Bitcoin blockchain data, however at the moment of the upgrade the actual block heigh of LBTC was different. The total number of LBTC coins to be forged is based on the results calculated by the network algorithm.

4Block Explorer. LBTC retains the Block Explorer with data before the upgrade, its upgrade will take about one month. “Old” Block Explorer link

5 Infrastructure update. Gradually we will follow up all the partnership platforms with the upgraded information.

We would like to thanks the community members for their attention to LBTC. We will reply to all the feedbacks and comments soon. If you haven’t left your comment yet, do it on the official LBTC forum!

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) is a decentralized global IoV protocol based on DPoS 3.0 consensus mechanism. The LBTC Ecosystem supports global p2p payments, decentralized platforms for trading derivatives , on-chain governance systems (SGS), and soon will include the option of smart contract creation. Users of LBTC can enjoy almost free and secure transactions.

Unique implementation of DPOS consensus through the Spark Governance System, allows LBTC community to participate in the network management, vote for proposals, and directly select delegates that are running the system’s nodes. LBTC is an inclusive ecosystem, everyone can its development and resist the centralisation!