Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) Monthly Report —May 2019

Lightning Bitcoin [LBTC]
Jun 13 · 4 min read

Core Development Progress

1. iOS light wallet

Support for creating wallets, importing private keys, importing mnemonics, etc.

Realize main functions including transaction within 3 seconds, register forge, vote, cancel voting, etc.

Network performance optimization: 50% completed

2. Underlying Function Expansion

Function of acquiring address balance added and cache framework optimized

3. Developer documentation

Developer documentation updated

Multilingual translations in progress

Docking guidance revision in progress

4. BUG fix

Android wallet import private key prompting “error” problem fixed

Android wallet prompting “you are already an agent” logic error fixed

Developer Community

1. Block explorer Thebes officially launched (by developer chenjian)

Thebes is based on the python flask framework. It has added daily transactions and daily number of increased addresses and other data.



2. New application for bounty program

Michael Klose, Steven, Carlson, zhangyanan, alekskrasns applied to participate in video production, APP development and optimization, and application for test token.


Total number of exchanges: 14

Listed this month:,

LBTC hot sold on Power Piggy

LBTC Power Piggy was launched at, the daily 500 LBTC quota was sold out within 5 seconds.

LBTC was listed on, and the accumulated transaction volume in 3 days exceeded 1,000,000 LBTC.

Deposite, withdrawal and trading of LBTC were open at on May 20, including LBTC/USDT, LBTC/BTC and LBTC/ETH trading pairs. The accumulated trading volume of the first 3 days exceeded 1,000,000 LBTC.


Followers on social media:

Twitter: 4500+

Telegram: 10100+

Instagram: 240+

WeChat: 3300+

Weibo: 4500+

Related News

LBTC has been included in NWSM200 index by 2100 NEWS

2100 NEWS official website shows that LBTC has been included in the 2100 NEWS NWSM200 Index (200 Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Index). The NWSM200 index is the full name of The 2100 news Digital Assets 200 Mid Cap Index, which is the 200 high-quality digital assets with medium market value selected by 2100 NEWS. The other index members include PCHAIN, AELF, Civic, LAMB, Ultrain, etc. The market value of these projects is between 80 million and 500 million CNY. They are digital assets with good liquidity and leading technology, thus they have high investment value.

LBTC launched the new official website making contest

The new official website making contest attracted many community members to participate. Many LBTC supporters submitted their suggestions or designs.

Hotel booking website supports LBTC payment

According to Today Gazette, the hotel booking site has already supported users to pay for bookings with LBTC, covering more than one million hotels on the platform. In addition to accepting LBTC, the platform also accepts other major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP.

The new roadmap for LBTC was officially released

On May 30th, the new roadmap for LBTC was officially released. According to the roadmap, LBTC will improve in terms of security, on-chain governance, scalability, privacy and user experience.

News report about LBTC by, a well-known blockchain media in Europe recently released a news report about LBTC, which has attracted a lot of attention from overseas blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

HackerNoon published an article analyzing three solution for Bitcoin scalability — Lightning Network, LBTC and BCH

HackerNoon, a well-known blockchain website, recently published The Future of Bitcoin Scalability, detailing how bitcoin expansion can be achieved through the Bitcoin Lightning Network, as well as other premium alternatives, LBTC, BCH. The article was reposted overseas by more than 500,000 fans of the Twitter account Real Time and other blockchain mainstream media. Additionally, China Enterprise Network, China Economic News Network, China Investment Network, HC Financial, China Finance and Economics Network, China Financial Times, geek network and other domestic mainstream financial media also translated and reposted this article.

LBTC Research Institute

Interpretation of BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) recent major update program

The LBTC Research Institute released Taproot Interpretation of BIP’s recent major update program. The program officially appeared on GitHub in early May. This update is on a low-level basis and is a consensus layer adjustment based on soft fork. The LBTC Research Institute conducted a detailed analysis of the core technology, Schnorr signature, and which was considered to be the positioning of the Bitcoin development framework in the next few years. It may be the most significant update in the mid-term of Bitcoin.

2019 Staking Economy Interpretation Report

The LBTC Research Institute released a research report “2019, Welcoming the Staking Economy!” The report introduced the meaning of Staking in the context of blockchain in details, interpreted and analyzed the reasons for the booming staking economy in 2019 from the aspects of token mortgage system and staking practice.

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