MyLBTC Mobile Wallet (for Android) Release

MyLBTC Mobile Wallet Release

After the recent network upgrade and implementation of a series of SGS system initiatives, LBTC keep evolving.

Today we are excited to announce the release of MyLBTC — Android mobile wallet for LBTC users. The application is ready for downloading on the official

Download link:

We sincerely thank LBTC community members for their attention to the LBTC project.

First issue of Android LBTC wallet contains all necessary functions: LBTC transfers, delegate registration, delegate voting, as well we integrated information bar, so users can stay up to date with LBTC recent news. Later versions of wallet will also include on-chain functionality for creating proposals. And yes, iOS mobile wallet is on the way! Right after the release of android wallet and all crucial adjustments will be made, LBTC team will focus on supersonic launch of the iOS and Mac clients.

ATTENTION: Meizu phones and android version 7.0 or less are not supported for now.

MyLBTC wallet is simple to use, it has friendly interface that is compatible with desktop wallets. It was created with a desire to become convenient tool for decentralized asset management. For better usage, MyLBTC also include the recent update of single address mode, to remind before one wallet could have multiple addresses.

LBTC project development has been gradually developing according to its roadmap. The launch of the mobile wallet will allow more members to enjoy our technology, for us it is an important part of the LBTC ecosystem puzzle!

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