[Weekly report] 18 July

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Official LBTC mobile wallets

The LBTC team is currently developing mobile wallets, which will be released soon. That will allow more users to join and transfer LBTC using mobile phone wallets.

Technical improvement

Full Node wallet

  • Windows version has been compiled, wallet will be released soon;
  • In the Linux version, the team fixed bugs including vote command, cancel vote command and register help message error.

Block Explorer

  • Added the forging node summary function, which can query the total number of forging nodes, the total number of successful forging nodes, the total number of failed forging nodes and the name/address of failed forging nodes.

Currently, the LBTC team is focusing on the upcoming node election and upgrade the LBTC network this week. After the upgrade, we will add a new feature which allows users to create their own tokens using the LBTC Token Standard.


Italian Bitcointalk ANNouncement

The LBTC community has added an Italian version of announcement on Bitcointalk.org. Our announcement pages are also available in Chinese, English, Russian, German and Spanish. You are encouraged to join our global communities and add more language versions of our announcement page.

Lightning Bitcoin on Reddit

The official LBTC community page on Reddit has been launched. LBTC supporters are encouraged to join our Reddit community and post LBTC related contents.

Community progress

LBTC’s Official Introduction video on Youtube

The LBTC team has uploaded the Chinese and English versions of LBTC introduction video on the official Youtube channel.

The LBTC Bounty Program website

Currently, the bounty program website has entered the beta testing stage and will be launched soon. The website is primarily used as a lightning plan assessment guideline. This reward points system will incorporate but not limited to community involvements, technology development, and content generation. LBTC supporters can exchange points for LBTCs. The bounty program website will promote the development of LBTC community positively and expand the community exponentially.

The LBTC article on NullTX [former TheMerkle]

This article introduces LBTC’s DPoS consensus mechanism, which solves bitcoin’s network congestion and miner centralization issues. The article primarily focuses on the features of LBTC’s unique DPoS mechanism and LBTC’s future development plan. LBTC supporters are encouraged to visit the website and read the article.

The LBTC article on CoinSchedule

The article introduces the origin of LBTC, the technologies behind LBTC, its main characteristics, listed exchanges, wallets and the team information. In the end of the article, it suggests that Lightning Bitcoin achieves the best qualities of Bitcoin and EOS. It improve transaction speed dramatically. The author suggests that given the future business partnerships and technological developments, Lightning Bitcoin has the potential to be the main bitcoin fork in the future.

Jinse Finance and Economics releases an article “What’s the Future of Bitcoin Forks”

On July 12th, Jinse Finance and Economics published an article called “What’s the Future of Bitcoin Forks”, which analyzed the origin, the value, the current situation and future path of the bitcoin forks. In this article, BCH, LBTC, BTG and SBTC are analyzed comprehensively.

Regarding LBTC, the author holds an optimistic view on LBTC in terms of becoming a major payment gateway for global transactions.

WeChat account “House of Blocks” publishes an article “Are Super Nodes Fading Away?”

On July 12th, House of Blocks published an article called “ Are Super Nodes Fading Away?” This article talks about the heat of super node elections, which attracts many organizations to participate. The super nodes are separated into two categories, which are project nodes and non-project nodes. Project nodes include EOS nodes, TRON nodes and LBTC nodes. Non-project nodes include Huobi nodes and so on. The author holds a positive view on LBTC.

The LBTC Community launched Bihu page

The LBTC community launched a Bihu page: LBTC Fans Gathering Place. Community members’ thoughts and opinions will be posted there. LBTC supporters are encouraged to subscript to the account and contribute contents. Content contributions will be rewarded based on the Lightning Plan.

The title of the first article is “The Correct Understanding of Bear Market-Get to Know Bitcoin Forks, Automatic Investment Plan”. This article mainly analyzes the origin of bitcoin forks and the relationships between the vision of bitcoin forks and the market, with the final thoughts on the risk and reward of investing in LBTC.


Jack Zhang’s Interview with Blue Whale

On June 21st, Jack Zhang had an interview with Blue Whale Finance and Economics and published the article called “Jack Zhang of Chainfunder: Mainly invests in overseas blockchain projects, China projects are more impetuous”.

Jack Zhang stressed in the interview that developing oversea communities of a blockchain project is critical. For Blockchain projects, the size of the communities directly relates to the overall impact of Blockchain projects. LBTC will prioritize overseas community building and get approval from Japan FSA to become a payment method locally. In terms of fund investments, the goal is to identify “disruptive innovation”, including innovation in consensus mechanisms with technological breakthroughs from zero to one.

Jack Zhang’s Interview with Vernacular Blockchain

On June 21st, Jack Zhang received an interview with Vernacular Blockchain. Then they published an article entitled “How to evaluate Jack Zhang”.

For Jack Zhang, Vernacular Blockchain’s evaluation is “Another successful case of your choices are more important than you working hard”, “a bright and controversial public figure”, “a serious blockchain investor with traditional financial background”. These titles summarize popular impression of Jack Zhang. Then, the article mainly touches on the story of Jack Zhang becoming a senior blockchain preacher from buying Bitcoin during his internship period.

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