[Weekly Report]December 25th

Development process

LBTC has launched on GJ exchange

GJ exchange is going to list Lightning Bitcoin(LBTC) and open up deposit on 24th Dec.Withdrawal and trade service has been open at the same time.GJ exchange open the trade pair:LBTC/BTC,LBTC/USDT.

GJ.com is a creative cryptocurrency trading platform,which aims to solve the problem of high-cost for a token listing on the tradition exchange.GJ exchange introduces the trading model of “transaction is mining”to promote users making transaction to gain GT,so that reduce the cost of transaction.


Technical development

Recently,LBTC technology team has completed the token issuing function and deploy it in test network.Browser,light-wallet are also in development.

The first version of white-paper has already been completed and will be published in proper time.Looking forward it.

Full node wallet:

1.Basic function development.Develop team has submit the code and deploy that in test network.Welcome to test the code and earn rewards if any bug are found.

Github link:https://github.com/lbtcio/lbtc-core/tree/token


1.The function of issuing tokens has already been deployed in test network.Welcome to test the code and earn rewards if any bugs are found.

2.Modify the bug of data display with none decimal places

Moblie wallet:

Develop and test the function of issuing token.


Explorer changed

In order to facilitate the LBTC users to view the votes clearly on browser, we improve the browser for the display of unit of votes number.Now the number of digits before the decimal point is regarded as integer number.


Testing and rewarding

Welcome to test the code of token issuing and earn rewards if any bugs are found.

Click token on block browser and go to token inquiry page.

Test block browser link:test-explorer.lbtc.io

Full-node operation guidebook:



Community development

Recently,Eagly from LBTC community published proposal on on-chain section of LBTC official form.

【It is proposed to change the DPOS reward mechanism of LBTC to prevent long term centralisation of LBTC by private forging pools and to allow all LBTC holders to be the true owners of LBTC Network Rights and Benefits. 建议改变LBTC的DPOS奖励机制,以防止私人锻造】

Welcome to discuss this proposal and participate in vote before 23:46 on 24th Dec.

Proposal link:

LBTC has settled in Bit.cc

LBTC has settled in the currency community of Bit.cc, so we can publish LBTC articles and information in the homepage . At present, many projects, self-media, funder and so on have settled in. The platform contains currency transactions, C2C Trading, currency encyclopedia, guidance and other columns, including forums, paragraphs, squares and other forum functions.

BIT.CC (www.bit.cc) is a professional digital currency trading platform for the world. Its was Bit World before, which was established on May 01, 2013. And it also is the top three in China and the top five digital currency trading platforms in the world. In order to cooperate with the Chinese government’s requirements, operated by the British Bit World Investments Limited company, since its establishment in 2017, bit.cc registered 700,000+ users, active daily users could be 10,000.The core team consists of financial risk control experts and blockchain technology experts. It is a safe and reliable platform.


LBTC participatesd in the anniversary event of Digifinex

The anniversary event of DigiFinex has super password envelope and millions airdrop.

During the event, LBTC participated in password envelope and airdrop box. The users can win the popular currency such as LBTC, ETH, USDT, DFT, TUSD, etc.


LBTC celebrated its first anniversary

Looking back over the past year, LBTC has completed several important advances in technology and community development, forking from Bitcoin but having a more decentralized direction. What remains unchanged is the initial focus of LBTC — becoming a transport protocol of decentralized global value Internet, with specific applications including peer-to-peer payments and decentralized digital asset transactions. Anyone who accepts the LBTC protocol can use LBTC almost free of charge to ensure the real-time and security of the transaction.

In order to thank the LBTC community, thousands LBTC will be sent! You can get three lucky draws one day by playing the game, and a total of one hundred places per day.


Community design

The next is the excellent picture form lbtc community,view more pictures in instagam.