[Weekly Report] January 8th

Technology development

Recently,LBTC developer team have improved the function of token issuing which is running in the test networking with satisfactory performance.After testing finished,it will be placed in main networking.As the function of token issuing is the one of the most important infrastructure for gateway and decentralized exchange,that means it has already build a solid technical foundation for the construction of LBTC’s DEX.


The explore in testing network added the function of inquiring the record of transaction.

Mobile wallet:

Mobile wallet of testing network support the reverent function of token such as issuing tokens,transaction,locking tokens,inquiring the balance and history recordings.

Full-node wallet:

Add a new description information when using the order of gettransactionnew

to inquire transaction.For example,if we did a relevant transaction,the returning order would include the detail information like issuing tokens,transferring,etc.


There is a latest version for Android mobile phone wallet.

LBTC android mobile phone wallet has been updated to v1.0.3.We have repaired some problems of transferring and balance as well as updated the UI design of the wallet which is convenient for operation.The problem of sending the consequent transaction has also been being fixed.

The form of LBTCfans is being maintained.

Recently community form,lbtcfans.com,is being maintained,due to the domain name and server.After repaired,it will be open again.

Community development

The member of community posted in official form[ — — to lbtc team]

The member has published a posting in official form named to lbtc team.It has illustrated the expectation for lbtc project which arouses a intensive discussion in community.we sincerely welcome everyone to join in the discussion as well.



LBTC December monthly report

Welcome to view lbtc december monthly report in medium.


Zhihu: Why has LBTC become popular recently?

Why has LBTC become popular recently? In this article, we summarize the progress of various projects in the first anniversary of LBTC and express our expectations for the future of LBTC. At the end of the article,

“When will the bear market come to an end?We don’t know. But we are sure that:

First, the development of any new technology will go through a long period of darkness.

Second, LBTC still has a bright future.”

At present, we can get hundreds of search results by searching LBTC. We welcome community members to increase the number of discussions on LBTC topics.

Link: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/53150745

Community design

The next is the excellent picture form lbtc community,view more pictures in instagam.