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LBTC Open Source and Lightning Node Elections Press Conference

June 21st, the LBTC Open Source and Lightning Node Election Press Conference was successfully held at Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Jinmao Tower!

We invited the most influential guests of the industry to join the conference with us: BTCC vice president Qianjie Zhao, AISI founder Mr. Bug, ExNow CEO Kunyun Li, Digifinex founder A Xiong, ASCH founder Qingfeng Shan, Bying Wallet founder Wei Liao, Cobo Wallet founder Shenyu, BOX & 2se.com founder Damo. At the same time, more than 70 media were there to witness the development of LBTC.

LBTC Chinese community leader Jack Zhang presented the development of Lightning Bitcoin, that includes Lightning Node Elections, creation of on-chain governance Network Committee and by the end of the second hald of this year exchange/gateaway function will be available.

Core developer Wan H. gave a speech about DPoS consensus and went deep into tech features of Lightning Bitcoin network. Finally, he invited blockchain enthusiasts to check the code on LBTC GitHub account and join the development.

LBTC Leading Developer Wan H.

LBTC community manager released the community system plan and showed the sample of future reward website. On this website users will be able to complete the list of tasks and get rewards at the end of the period. It’ll improve the user experience when enthusiasts participating in the Lightning Plan in all directions.

Lightning Node Election has started!

Lightning Node Election has started at June 21st. The rules of which have been published on forum and WeChat and Medium. 101 lightning nodes are responsible for bookkeeping, maintaining network security, and contributing to LBTC’s ecological construction. The requirements and detailed process can be found here->

Medium post:

Forum post:

Technical Improvement

Lightning Bitcoin Source Code has been released!

Time for the Lightning Node Election.(welcome devs to join our Discord group)

Full Node Wallet

The new edition v1.1.2. has been launched

This version restored the occasional failure of delegates’ bookkeeping in v1.1.1. Please download the latest version from the official website.

Block Explorer

  • restored the problem of the untimely display of the nodes;
  • restored the problem of the incorrect sorting of the votes;
  • added the warning function of the nodes’ state;
  • added the function of monitoring delegates bookkeeping status;
  • optimized the speed of displaying the transaction info, to ensure that even when a block contains a large number of transactions, it can still run smoothly.

Currently, the dev team is focusing on the code of election, and is expected to upgrade it before the voting results are announced.

New official website is online

We have translated the new version of the website to Chinese language, and preparing the translation into Russian! Besides, we added and updated the introduction videoof the lightning bitcoin, information about team members, added news section, roadmap, FAQ. You also can find LBTC press kit, current LBTC circulation, and multi version of explorers. Check out our new website!

Video is super awesome, it introduces LBTC from three aspects: Basic Idea, Technical Architecture and Development Vision.

The LBTC video can be downloaded in our official website, which helps the community to understand LBTC in a short period of time and promote the idea further.Currently, the English version is making in process and will be released next week. Watch it on the main page of the website.

new version of the official website lbtc.io

Lightning Bitcoin Hiring!!WE NEED YOU!!

We’re looking for more enthusiasts to join our big family!


  • Proficient in 2 and more languages;
  • 1–3 years of experience in community operation;
  • minimum Bachelor’s degree;
  • Familiar with blockchain, and/or finance, IT and other related experience is preferred.
  • Have strong interest or deep understanding of WeChat, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Reddit, Instagram or other social platforms.
  • Able of planning activity and good at writing.

Working place: Changning Dist., Shanghai

LBTC Reddit

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Its slogan is “The front page of the Internt”.

LBTC’s Reddit page was created by a community member and becomes our important external gateway. We need more community members to contribute contents and improve the popularity of LBTC page on Reddit.

You are welcomed to log into Reddit to leave comments, vote for posts and express opinions on the LBTC page.

lbtc Reddit

LBTC Conference Article on Bihu’s Hot List

At the LBTC conference, many medias and WeChat medias were invited to witness the growth of LBTC.There have been more than 30 interview articles published about the conference.

Among these articles, the one on Bihu, written by one of our community members, has gained 433 approves and listed on the hot list.

Bihu is a blockchain-based social media platform. KEY is the utility token for both Bihu ID and Bihu Community. KEY is used to incentivize content generation within the Bihu Community, as well as the primary method for good content discovery. KEY also is the value exchange method within the Bihu Community, such as tipping between users. Bihu Community is an platform for crypto investors to share and obtain token-investment-related information. On Bihu, excellent content is praised by KEY points held by users.

Community members are welcomed to post articles about LBTC across multiple platforms. Bihu Article

LBTC Fans Community Created a Wechat Public Account

LBTC Fans Community: LBTC Fans Community released a WeChat public account.

This WeChat public account focused on LBTC related news, developments and communities.There have been 4 articles published under the account, which were written in a playful way.

At the same time, the Fans community also introduced the “True Glitter Meeting” “Truth” Q & A session, the face-to-face session of flash powder, and many new tricks.

The community members are welcome to follow the WeChat public account and participate more offline quiz activities!

Furthermore, LBTC fans are encouraged to submit articles and receive rewards!

Scan QR-code to join the community

LBTC Review on DeepChain : Hard Power is too Hard, Soft Power is Too Soft

DeepChain has done a review on LBTC and published an article called “LBTC: More Decentralized Bitcoin Fork Coin, Hard Power is too Hard, Soft Power is Too Soft”.

The article gives a comprehensive analysis on LBTC on four aspects: Decentralization, Speed and Cost, Payment Function, and Risk and Deficiency.

1. For LBTC, DeepChain thinks it is developing towards to decentralization.

2. LBTC is suitable for payment scenarios. Preliminary payment applications will provide the basic logic for value growth.

3. LBTC might be seriously undervalued.



Jack Zhang’s Webo Lucky Draw Activity

In order to celebrate the success of LBTC press conference, LBTC Chinese community leader, Jack Zhang, conducted a Lucky Draw activity on Webo.

Follow Jack Zhang’s Webo account (@点付大头ChainFunder)and LBTC Webo account (@LBTC闪电比特币) and forward the lucky draw message.

The deadline was set on June 1st, 2018. By then, 15 fans were chosen to get rewards including TmallGenie, Mobile Lens and Sunscreen Spray.

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