[Weekly Report] November 12

Mobile wallet | LBTC awards | BTCsos partnership | BenPool


MyLBTC Android wallet

MyLBTC Wallet

LBTC mobile wallet MyLBTC was officially released on November 1st! Download it on LBTC official website lbtc.io
MyLBTC supports transaction transfer, delegate registration, delegate voting, and information bar.

Note: At present, MyLBTC supports only Android version 7.0 and above, and does not support Meizu mobile phone.
Download MyLBTC

Wallet for iOS and the new PC client will be rolled out soon!

Tech progress

LBTC team has been busy with:

  • writing updated white paper, that will include technical documentation;
  • developing the function of token creation for full nodes;
The development of the Token function has been completed 80%. The underlying database of the Token function and the basic development of the business logic have been completed. Development of command protocol was started this week.


LBTC on exchanges and wallets

  • EXX, ZB, SWFT exchanges
  • COBO, Bying, and Hyperpay wallets have opened LBTC deposit/withdrawl services. As for Coinegg, AEX, and KKEX these platforms are in process of updating the connection, Digifinex is expected to open LBTC replenishment on Tuesday.

LBTC Reward List is here!

The 4th award of the LBTC Lightning Plan has been announced!

Please check the list of community members. If there are any omissions, please leave us a message in the LBTC official forum.

The 5th phase of the LBTC Lightning Plan has started and the LBTC community members are welcome to participate. You can contribute into community management, content writing, platform promotion!


LBTC and Speed ​​Assistance Finance reached strategic cooperation

LBTC has signed a strategic cooperation with BTCsos and has been listed as the official partner of the Finance and Economics Accelerator, while its media cooperation brought new members to our community! LBTC and BTCsos agreed to conduct close cooperation in community building, user services, and resource aggregation!

LBTC on Mytoken and Coinmarketcap

After LBTC Network upgrade, the information has been updated on Mytoken and Coinmarketcap pages.

MyToken LBTC page

LBTC monthly report: October

The monthly report of LBTC has been released, summarizing the data of major events in October. Read the report by clicking the link below:

New forging pool created: Benpool

A new forging pool Benpool has joined LBTC community. The LBTC forging community members about possible risks associated with investing into forging pools. Nevertheless, meet Benpool !

LBTC Halloween video

LBTC community members created a funny video for LBTC on Helloween. Feel free to send us you LBTC related art!

More LBTC Art

Here are some recent most-likeable Instagram posts. Visit our Instagram for more cute pics, dont forget to subscribe and comment!