[Weekly report] November 27

Whitepaper | Token creation | Digifinex

Tech progress

  • Lately, LBTC team was mainly busy with writing a new version of white paper. The draft is currently under the final proofreading stage.
  • Token-issuing function has been completed. It is expected to be integrated into the test network these days;
  • new features of LBTC wallets are on the way!

Full-node wallet:

  1. Token function
    The development of the Token function has been roughly completed. The command interactive protocol has been completed and final debugging phase has entered. After the debugging is completed, it will be deployed on the test network for functional testing.

Android phone wallet:

  1. Debugging the current version, integrating token function.

Light wallet

  1. Information bar updated.
  • News (NEWS) is divided into lbtcnews (LBTC news information) and information (industry news information).
  • The LBTC information bar is divided into report, announcement, tutorial, and article. LBTC’s monthly report, announcement, tutorial, and related extended reading. You can find what you need based on the label.


Digifinex Exchange has opened up

After technical docking with the exchange, Digifinex Exchange has opened LBTC replenishment service! Thanks for patience and understanding.
Currently open exchanges: EXX, ZB, Digifinex, SWFT


LBTC market value ranking has recently increased

LBTC has a relatively stable trend in this environment, and the market value ranking is on the rise.

LBTC settled in Buwen 布问

The LBTC got an exclusive certification from Buwen 布问. LBTC also has been creditied with a project column, so allowing to publish LBTC related articles. LBTC community is welcome to submit contributions. After your draft submission review, it will be published in the LBTC column.

LBTC wallet: create coin function page

The function of Token transfer has been improved and LBTC has added a coin issuing function page on the website, PC , and mobile wallet. After the Token function is completely integrated the interface will be fully available.

Coin function creation interface for PC light wallet:

Coin function creation interface for mobile wallet:

LBTC and FengLi Finance cooperation

LBTC and FengLi Finance reached a strategic cooperation. LBTC was included into the FenLi financial project library; after a series of evaluations, LBTC scored 5 points, thanks to the support of BCTC by HSBC Finance!

In the future, together we will work hard on LBTC community development!

Community release LBTC materials while participating in 币乎 competition.

LBTC member @小宁 published the article “Why should I buy a forked coin”. In the article, the paper analyzes the problems BTC is facing now, why BTC is bifurcated, where LBTC comes from, and the advantages of LBTC. The article has been included in the “Coin Bang Bihubang.com” and won the third place in the 14th Newcomer Event.
Link [CN]

币圈 BuQuan has published: “These years we have chased together 98 forks , and now…”

This article as you might already guessed has analyzed 98 forks of Bitcoin. Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008 to the present 10 years, 98 bitcoin forks have appeared on the market, 70 of which are still active, while the other 28 have disappeared. It is believed that the advantages of LBTC combined with DPOS can bring BTC an advantage of thousands of transactions per second.
Link [CN]

LBTC Thanksgiving Blessing

LBTC wishes all LBTC members Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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