[Weekly Report] October 29

Tech progress

  • Network upgrade completed;
  • Full-node wallet code upgrade completed;
  • Mobile wallet version 1.0 has been completed;
  • Currently working on the development of the token function.

Full-node wallet:

  1. modified sendmany command. sendmany command allows specifying the address of the wallet that completed the token transfer, specifying parameters such as the change address.
  2. modified fundrawtransaction command
    fundrawtransaction command supports only a single address of UTXO.
  3. added getirreversibleblock command
    getirreversibleblock queries the latest irreversible block height and block hash.
  4. open source
    The code has been uploaded on LBTC github.
  5. token creation function
    Token creation function development progress 50% before the completion.

Mobile wallet for Android:

Android mobile wallet 1.0 development has been completed, currently the team is on the testing phase and repairing BUGs.


Infrastructure upgrade. Due to the LBTC network upgrade, supporting exchanges and wallet have to upgrade and implement the new code as well. Technical workload is large and it might take a few more days. After exchanges will complete the upgrade and security check, they will be opened for operations. Currently, ZB.com, SWFT, EXX exchanges, and COBO wallet have been opened for deposits and withdrawals. Digifinex exchange has opened deposit function, withdrawals will be allowed later.

After the Main Network Upgrade

Network upgrade was followed by major changes in its structure and figures. Please read about here:

LBTC PC light wallet

We are about to release a new version of LBTC PC light wallet! New LBTC PC wallet will be more user-friendly, with LBTC brand design and new informational bars added.

Note: This samples are display page are for reference only.

LBTC White Paper

The LBTC team plans to introduce a new version of the LBTC white skin, detailing the features, parameters, technical principles, development architecture, and future prospects of the LBTC, and working with all community members to improve the construction of the LBTC community.

After the upgrade of the LBTC main network, it has a great impact on the project itself, but there is no change in the consensus level of LBTC parameters and performance, and still maintain the 3S block rate and 2M block size. The block reward for each block is 0.0625. LBTC, consistent with Bitcoin’s block rewards at the same time.


Market software update after LBTC upgrade
Some data of the LBTC has been changed after the upgrade of the main network. Since data changes with the market software/website require a certain process and communication, it takes a while to complete the data update. At present, the LBTC data has been updated on non-small numbers, coins, cattle and AIcoin.

LBTC community opens a new account

LBTC community starts a new account for Chinese members on wechat, account ID: BC 善治空间. LBTC related researches, thoughts on governance system. Scan QR-code and join the community:

Also, LBTC China community starts new public account on Wechat!

Caring about LBTC members comfort, we open a new Wechat account LBTC Community, there you can access and forward relevant information about LBTC. All LBTC related announcements, progress reports, community articles will be published in that new public account. Scan QR-code:

LBTC FAQs Discussion Room

The LBTC community member has collected frequently asked questions and commented on them. We think this post might be very helpful for all interested. Thank you again for your contribution and support. Link

Jack Zhang posts《LBTC Next Development Steps》[Chinese]

Jack Zhang, the head of LBTC’s Chinese community, called on the LBTC community to pay attention to the recently integrated on-chain governance system, emphasizing that on-chain governance could solve the problem of large dumping of claimed LBTC coins.

Lightning plan Awards

The fourth phase of LBTC awards will be issued soon. Members of the community are welcome to apply for rewards by leaving a message on the forum. The final award results will be published on the forum within a week. Link

LBTC community took part in 币乎 NewComerRanking

币乎recently held NewComer Ranking. LBTCers, the LBTC community, participated in the event on behalf of LBTC and won a 3 million 币乎points.

Golden Finance (金色财经转) republish Community Article “The Way to Protect Existing Strength Is Not Only Building High Walls, Seed Grains, Slowly Calling King”

The article claims that “the process of governance on the LBTC chain is not easy, and now people generally know little about the field of block chain governance. This covers not only a technical issue, but also a social, economic, political, philosophical aspects. The articles was viewed by 14,000 within 3 hours. Take a look!

Summing up with some Community Art pieces!

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