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Announcing pre-order sale

Carlos Roldan
Oct 21, 2019 · 4 min read


During the #LNCONF I had the pleasure to announce LIGHTNITE — Multiplayer battle-royale game developed by Satoshis Games. During the last days, we have received so many questions regarding our announcement and this article aims to solve them all. Let’s start!

LIGHTNITE — Characters available on the early access

How Bitcoin works in the game?

LIGHTNITE is a game that is designed for everyone. Both the game design and the mechanics and content is oriented to the normal gamer (no-coiner).

LIGHT⚡NITE game is developed on top of a scarce asset (bitcoin) and creates scarcity within the game experience. Let’s break this down with some examples:

Every 9 months, a new season pass comes to the game with lots of missions, skins and more items such as new updates on the map, different themes, character animations, etc. However, within the LIGHTNITE shop the skins are limited. Therefore, in-game assets have a limited supply per season pass.

When users play in normal mode (without in-game bitcoin features), they can wear their purchased skins and play with them as much as they want. And at the end of the game, they can either win or lose, but they keep the skins in their account.

Now, when users play in bitcoin mode (with in-game bitcoin features) it is different. The gaming experience is more competitive and attractive. When they die in the bitcoin game mode, the skins they bought stay on the ground of the game and if no other users loot it up, they disappear, reducing the amount of a skin type and creating a scarcity element within the in-game assets collection and a more rewarding experience.

However, players can grab your loot and if they stay alive and hence win the battle-royale, they can sell such items in the LIGHTNITE shop and cash out the profits using lightning.

LIGHTNITE — Balance withdrawal

Thus, increasing the value of the first items in the first season passes and enhancing the gaming experience. We believe that this in-game assets & micro-revenue will incentivize non-bitcoin users to switch to the bitcoin mode and start experimenting with Bitcoin tech.

This is our plan for bitcoin mainstream adoption

Pre-ordering the game

The game can be pre-ordered now at https://buy.lightnite.io using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency (you can also pay with your credit card).

When buying the early access, before November 21st, a download key will be sent to the email provided when purchasing the game. There are no automatic email confirmations after purchasing at https://buy.lightnite.io. However, we are sending emails manually to confirm the purchase and thank the given support.

LIGHTNITE— Game cover

Why LIGHTNITE pre-sale is in the format of a crowdfunding?

We are hosting the pre-sale as a crowdfunding for many reasons. Let’s break it down:

  • Early access. You can order your game now for 20 USD to receive a download key before November 21st.
  • Ensure multiplayer experience. Selling early a number of copies before releasing the game ensures a minimum user base required for an optimum gaming experience.
  • Community engagement. Announcing a game pre-sale in an early stage provides us with feedback from the community which are useful to shape the game development.
LIGHTNITE— Gameplay view

In-Game Assets

Skins, cosmetic items, character animations and more relevant in-game assets are present on the game through the introduction of season passes. Initially, during the first game development iterations these in-game assets will be stored in the game server.

By the time the game development is ready for a public release the in-game assets management system wil shaft away from a centralized server to a distributed system like NFTs. We are looking for alternative options to achieve this such as RGB protocol or Liquid Network.

LIGHT⚡NITE — In-game assets

Frequent Asked Questions

Once the game is finally released, how much will it cost? Nothing — The public release of LIGHT⚡NITE will be free of charge.

What happens if LIGHT⚡NITE does not reach 50K? Nothing. Again — not a crowdfunding campaign. This is a pre-sale. If you buy the early access you have access to play the game before 21st of November.

What happens if LIGHT⚡NITE reaches 50K? We have more resources to develop the game and this includes the following:

  • Ensure an earlier date for the early access
  • Add more graphics content suggested by the community

When can I play the game if I do not participate on the pre-sale? The public beta release of the game will be available during 2020 Q1-Q2.

How long will the pre-order sale last for? There are only 600 early access copies. Once the 600 early access have been purchased then the pre-sale will finish.

What versions will LIGHT⚡NITE be distributed? The game will be distributed for multiple platforms, including desktop (Windows, Mac OS & Linux) and mobile (Android & iOS). We are additionally looking for distributing in other platforms.


Battle-royale game based on a low poly minimalism and bitcoin rewards

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Battle-royale game based on a low poly minimalism and bitcoin rewards

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