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F-Variations 2 Now Available

A while ago I released a set of Free Lightroom presets for Fuji users based on my own “variations’ of the Fuji Film simulation presets, or more specifically, the corresponding colour profile in Lightroom. Well, I’m pleased to announce that the follow up to that first set is now available.

Called “F Variations 2”, (not the most imaginative name, but anyway) this second set is another collection of my own artistic variations on the film simulation profiles. As with the first set, these build on the various simulation modes with my own style and treatment. In set 2, I’ve focussed a lot on variations of “Classic Chrome” and “Acros” so it’s perhaps more suited to users of newer fuji cameras that support those profiles. I’ve also created presets based on Monochrome, Velvia and a few others too. There’s lots to choose from!

One thing to note: Some of these presets will only work if you’re shooting with a camera that supports the corresponding film simulation mode. For example, to use the “Chrome” presets, your Fuji camera must support the “Classic Chrome” preset. Similarly, to use one of the Acros variations, your camera must support the Acros simulation mode (currently only the X-Pro 2 and the X-T2).

They’re available for free on my store. There’s two ways to download them. You can just click on the big “Download directly” link to download them straight away, or if you already have an account and want to add them to your downloads, you can add them to the cart and check out as normal. Obviously you won’t have to pay anything as they’re free, but you will have to create an account this way if you don’t already have one. If you don’t want to create an account, just use the download directly link.

Here are some examples of the presets in action:

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