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Introducing T-Pan for Lightroom

New Black & White Lightroom Presets

I’m delighted to announce that my first set of new Lightroom Presets for 2017 is now available. It’s called T-Pan and it’s a new set of Black and White Presets. I came up with the style when working on trying to copy the look of some film that a friend had asked me to scan, and I’m pretty happy with the results. T-PAN is an attempt to create a realistic set of monochrome film presets, and it is aiming to re-create the experience of shooting with a professional grade black and white film.

Within the pack there are 10 versions of T-Pan. Each version is it’s now “Film” as such. Unlike some of my previous presets, T-PAN does not require a separate setup preset. The look that has been created uses a camera’s Portrait profile as its starting point, and this has been baked into the presets. There is also a special version of the presets for Fuji X-Trans shooters. This is called T-PAN F. These have the required colour profile already baked into the presets.

Each of the 10 “Film” stocks, in other words each version of the presets, comes with three variations:

  • T-PAN (Normal) This is the normal Version of the film
  • T-PAN+ This version s a little brighter, with some shadow recovery, and slightly less grain
  • T-PAN 400 This is a version of the film styled after ISO400 speed black and white films. It has more contrast and definition than the regular version, but with increased grain.

T-PAN also comes with a set of tools, which consists of a number of faux colour filters for different effects (these don’t colour the image, they’re the equivalent of putting a filter on your lens if shooting with actual film) and a set of additional grain presets, for easy application of different types of grain.

Just a side point of interest. For the Fuji versions, the presets are based on the “Astia” profile. You’re probably wondering why I decided on using Astia rather than one of Fuji’s black and white colour profiles or even Acros? It’s because doing so would not allow the use of faux colour filters which is based on adjusting the black and white mix.

The presets are available now on my Digital Download store. They will normally sell for €8 (price may vary depending on local Taxes) but they’ll be on sale for the launch at just €5

Here are some examples of T-Pan in action. You can find more over on the store page.

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