Recent developments of the Clean Energy Package

Podcast interview with Dr. Annegret Groebel (BNetzA and CEER President)

Dr Groebel’s statement on CEER’s 3D Strategy after she was elected as CEER President.

Dr. Groebel is the Head of Department at the German Regulatory Authority BNetzA. She has been the Vice President of Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) since 2012 and is a member of the Board of Regulators of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

This January (2019), Dr Groebel was elected as the new CEER President.

Dr Groebel has in-depth knowledge of the European regulatory framework for electronic communications and for the internal energy market. She has experience in advising public authorities on regulatory reform and sector specific regulation.

On the sidelines of the FSR Global Forum, the Lights on Women team brought together Athir Nouicer (FSR) and Dr. Annegret Groebel (BNetzA and CEER) to discuss the recent developments of the Clean Energy Package.

Dr. Annegret Groebel and Athir Nouicer

The second day of Forum coincided with the European Parliament’s adoption of the new Electricity market Regulation and Electricity market Directive as well as of the Regulations on Risk Preparedness and on ACER, marking the finalisation of the Clean Energy Package negotiations.

In the podcast, Dr. Annegret Groebel shares her insights on the CEP’s role in enhancing the functioning of the internal electricity market and reaching climate goals, specifically on the role of regional coordination centres (RCCs), the establishment of the EU DSO entity and its tasks, and the updated adoption process for network codes and guidelines.

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