Is the present moment timeless?

When we say ‘live in the present moment’, what do we mean? It has almost become a common part of the cultural zeitgeist to say this & have we all entirely gone into this & investigated what is meant by this phrase?

Perhaps that’s something that we can do together now so that we can really look into our lives and become aware of what is altogether going on not because someone tells us it is so, but because we have investigated for ourselves as individuals. Is it possible for us to overcome what has been told to us, and really investigate it for ourselves?


What do you mean when you say that term to others — ‘live in the present moment’ — or when it is said ‘inwardly’, as self talk? Is there a meaning that you attach to it? What is that meaning?

Is it the case that we try to address it with a unit of time measurement? Do we jump here automatically?

But just as quickly as we do this, can we question it? Can we go deeply into the question of whether the present moment be grasped with a unit of time measurement, like ‘moment’, ‘millisecond’, ‘nanosecond’, and so on?

The present moment is SO transitory that by the time it is said, it is gone.

It seems therefore that there is a direct conflict between addressing the present moment as something in time, and the actual experience of it which falls outside of our unit of time measurement.

So, what is the reason that we try to grasp at it with units of time measurement? That is our de-facto, instinctive response, isn’t it? Why?

Is it not so that units of time measurement such as ‘moment’ are human constructs that we have overlaid onto the world in order for us to understand it, or overcome it?

We make a pretty big assumption here that in order to answer the question of reality, that there is something to be understood. From the perspective of science, we will keep going down and down at the Quantum level to understand it.

But, isn’t it so that creating terms for what is the smallest of the smallest will continuously make it seems that human beings and the Universe are separate entities? That there is always an observer (the human being) & the observed (nature).

Whilst this will undoubtedly provide benefit to science & technology & human lives, which is a wonderful brilliant thing. It is not an explanation or justification for how life is experienced.

Science is a model of thought / mode of thinking created within awareness.

To what we call the Universe, there is no measure of time. It is not in existence. There just ‘is’. Constant movement, flow, energy, decay… But these are not of time, they just are.

Case in point is that, in this ‘Universal reality’, none of these things exist, movement, flow, energy, these terms do not exist, they are human-created terms… Rather, there just is.

And what we call human beings are fully a part of this great process, not separate from it. A reminder that we have invented the term ‘human being’, or ‘homosapien’ to describe ourselves. We created it and it has become well ingrained into our perception of reality, but is not reality. It is imagined.

‘Human beings’ & a sense of ‘process’ are human constructs & really there are none of these things. Everything within your field of knowledge is constructed.

Units of time, any form of measurement, mathematics, scientific terms, individual identity, the self, religion, philosophy, ideology, economic thinking… Going a little bit off track, but these are all schools of thought that human beings have created & not reality in the purest sense.

So, when we talk of the present moment, can we see totally clearly that it all things are timeless, formless & an expression of the Universe. Deep down, we really do know this. It is there underneath everything that has been conditioned in the mind by the society and culture.

Let go of it, no need to cling to it. There has never been a single thing to cling to. No concept of anything is to know the present moment.

I think it’s true enough to say that any time we label something, it is the case that we are naming the timeless & the formless.

Awareness of everything without time & without form is the place where the is infinite possibility. There is infinite creativity here.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

Rumi — poet