FB Messenger probably has around 400M DAU

Earlier this month Facebook announced that Messenger had hit 900m Monthly Active Users. Notably absent from the announcement was the number of Daily active users.

Facebook does publish the DAU and MAU for the core Facebook app: 1.04bn DAU and 1.59bn MAU as of December 2015.

Survey Monkey recently published the list of 50 most addictive mobile apps which noted that Facebook was used 5.8 days per week and FB Messenger 3.9 days per week.

If we make the somewhat heroic assumption that the ratio of DAU/MAU and days used per week are the same between Facebook and FB Messenger, then we can estimate FB Messenger DAU/MAU at around 3.9/5.8 x 1.04/1.59 = 44%.

Applying this DAU/MAU ratio to 900m MAU gives an estimated DAU for messenger of 396M, or just shy of 400M.

If you have a better estimate, or know the actual number, please leave a response below.

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