Source: The Growth Imperative.

Lightspeed Adds Experienced Growth Investor to the Team.

Welcome Brad Twohig.

Today Lightspeed announced that we closed on $1.8B of committed capital for our new family of funds, Fund XII and Select III.

Our mission remains the same: to invest in founders and innovators building enduring companies. Lightspeed is an early stage firm at its core. We are often the first check in to a startup and continue to fund them as they grow. It’s something we’ve taken pride in over the years — being there for the entire lifecycle of a company.

As a result, a large part of the new capital ($1.05B to be exact) will be invested in follow-on rounds in existing Lightspeed portfolio companies as they enter the growth phase, as well as in some companies new to the portfolio that have demonstrated compelling product-market fit, strong executive teams and scalability.

To that end, we are excited to be joined today by a heavy-hitter with over 12 years of growth investing experience — Brad Twohig.

Throughout his career, Brad has been involved in over three dozen investments with many of them realizing successful IPOs and trade sales.

Brad’s geographic focus is diverse — he has invested in companies based on five separate continents, a great match with Lightspeed’s diverse geographic footprint in the U.S., Israel, China and India.

We know he is going to be an excellent addition to the Lightspeed family given all of the above, but also…he’s just a really nice guy. (You have to be to have infant twins and sign up to move across the country). One of the things Brad looks forward to continuing in the Bay Area is mentoring educators and education innovators —education as a topic is something Brad is passionate about.

Lightspeed has been and continues to be a platform that is active throughout the lifecycle of our founders and their companies. Brad’s depth of investment experience and leadership will help us better serve our entrepreneurs as the companies that they found grow to their full potential.

Please join us in welcoming Brad to the team.

— Will Kohler, Natalie Luu, Ravi Mhatre, Chris Schaepe, Jeremy Liew & Team Lightspeed