Lightspeed adds Nicole Quinn as a consumer investing partner

Consumer technology has become popular culture. At Lightspeed we believe that the arbiters and creators of popular culture are young women. We closely watch what apps, products and services young women love and tell others about, and this has led us to investments ranging from The Honest Company to Snapchat, Giphy to Stitchfix.

We are excited to announce that Nicole Quinn has joined Lightspeed as a partner to further our focus on consumer technology.

Nicole brings a tremendous set of relevant experiences that inform her judgement and perspective in this area. Nicole spent eight years at Morgan Stanley in equities, covering eCommerce, consumer tech and luxury brands. While there she worked on the IPOs of Facebook, Groupon and Pandora. She combines this expertise with startup experience, having worked at a startup, Nutmeg, where she focused on branding and marketing. She is also deeply analytic, with a bachelors degree in mathematics and economics from York University in England, and an MBA from Stanford Business School.

But really, the most telling fact about Nicole’s character is that she ran the 100M in England in her youth. You don’t get to that international level of athletic excellence without grit, determination, an appetite for hard work, and a high tolerance for pain. She did the hard yards, over and over again, and that is what led her to the pinnacle of achievement.

At Lightspeed, the way we invest takes a lot of energy. We strive to become domain experts in the areas that we invest. We educate ourselves over and over again in the newest areas of opportunity. And when we partner with an entrepreneur, we do everything we can to make her successful. From helping with recruiting to thought partnership, from creating partnership opportunities to counseling on product strategy, we roll our sleeves up and do the work. So Nicole’s experience and her character make her a perfect fit for our style of investing.

Please join me in welcoming Nicole Quinn. You can read her thoughts on consumer technology on her blog ( and follow her on Snapchat (@nicsquinn) and Twitter (@nik_quinn).

Check out Nicole’s interview today with LinkedIn’s New Economy Editor, Caroline Fairchild:

And watch her interview on Cheddar TV this past Friday below, and her live Q&A on SideWire today at 5:30pm PST.

If you believe that your startup will resonate with her, email her at I think that you’ll all be hearing a lot from Nicole, and soon. She is going to make waves in this industry, and just as when she ran for England, she is going to do it at a sprint.

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