Streamlio announces Series A funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners

Sudip Chakrabarti and John Vrionis

We are excited that Streamlio announced Series A funding from Lightspeed this week. We aspire to invest behind talented enterprise entrepreneurs who have the credibility and passion to solve the most critical technology challenges for the next decade. As was the case with AppDynamics, DataStax, MuleSoft, and CloudBees, we believe in Streamlio we are fortunate to have partnered with a world class team of founders who are building a solution that will be embraced by every business looking to thrive in the digital economy.

Real-time applications are becoming a MUST have for every digital business. Checking in at the airport. Checking out at the super market. Picking from a list of recommended shoes. Expecting your online bank account to recognize your latest transactions. Alerts regarding purchases you didn’t make. Sending real-time traffic updates to an autonomous vehicle. Preventing DDoS attacks to your company website. These are all examples of transactions that require real time processing. Streamlio is building the solution that makes this possible for enterprises of every size, industry and technical acumen.

The team from Steamlio comes from Twitter and Yahoo, two of the world’s largest Internet companies who have driven innovation in their backend infrastructure technology in order to provide unique capabilities within their consumer applications. The entire value proposition of Twitter as an application is to understand what is happening RIGHT NOW at scale. To deliver the Twitter application, the engineering team at Twitter was required to build infrastructure unlike any that existed previously. The founders of Streamlio were core to that team at Twitter, and they have a mission to bring that innovation, the world’s best and most complete real-time infrastructure technology, to the masses.

Modern applications are increasingly both complex and simple. Simple in that they are all composed of many miniature applications or “microservices” as they have come to be called; complex because orchestrating hundreds, thousands or in some cases millions of microservices at once is no small task. By creating today’s applications with microservices as the core design principle, enterprises set themselves up to increase the speed of innovation by orders of magnitude. In today’s competitive ecosystem, where no business can rest on its laurels, CIOs and CEOs are pushing to move their IT teams to embrace the same internal technologies and processes as the world’s most technically savvy companies such as Google, Facebook, Snap, and yes, Twitter. Speed wins. Move fast or die.

We found our way to the Streamlio founding team right after Twitter had open sourced Heron, the stream processing engine that powers the core application. Over many coffees at the Hanahaus in Palo Alto, it became crystal clear to us that if there was a team we wanted to partner with to go after the real-time computing opportunity, this was the one.

  • We look for authenticity and this team had it in spades. These founders looked at every technology on the planet for their real-time use case, and concluded they had to build something from scratch if they wanted it done right.
  • We look for missionaries, not mercenaries because when things get hard in a startup (and they always do) the desire to push through has to come from a deep-seated belief that the world will be better off with this solution. The team at Streamlio has spent countless hours devoted to the open source projects at the company’s core: Heron, Pulsar and Bookkeeper.
  • Finally, we want to back teams that have the humility and values we know translate into building lasting organizations. At Streamlio we have a “Golden Rule” set of founders who have a history of selflessness and doing the right thing.

Congrats to Streamlio for their launch. We are thrilled and proud to be coming along for the ride with this amazing team! Stay tuned.

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