Title image for the essay, The Creativity Supply Chain, by Michael Mignano. Text overlaying a painting of an artist abandoning their art supplies for a computer.
Title: “Creative Liberties” | Background made with DALL-E 2, prompt: “person working on a computer in a massive art studio loft, art supplies scattered on the floor, ultra intricate art dynamic composition dramatic lighting octane rendered, colorful”. Title text added with Canva. Total time to create: ~9 minutes.

The Creativity Supply Chain

Creativity has become the focal point of our modern Internet economy. What was once just a means of artistic expression now powers much of how we all interact, work, and play online.

Creativity ≠ The Creator Economy

The Creator Economy is a sliver of a much bigger opportunity

A hand drawing of a chart showing a power law which illustrates that the majority of consumption of creator content comes from the top 10,000 creators. From the essay, The Creativity Supply Chain by Michael Mignano.
The Creator Power Law

The Creativity Supply Chain

A chart illustrating the Creativity Supply Chain, by Michael Mignano. The Creativity Supply Chain is the supply, demand, incentives, and superpowers that make up our modern Internet economy.
The Creativity Supply Chain


A photo of the co-founders of Anchor, the world’s largest podcasting platform. On the left is Michael Mignano, CEO of Anchor, and on the right is Nir Zicherman, CTO of Anchor. The photo was taken sometime around 2018 in the former Anchor office before the company was acquired by Spotify.
Nir Zicherman (right) and me (left), circa 2018, in the old Anchor office, having fun democratizing audio.




Creative tools

Artificial intelligence

Ubiquitous access to ultra fast internet

Machine learning

The Market for Creativity

A hand drawn illustration showing that publicly traded companies are investing heavily in the Creativity Supply Chain. From the essay, The Creativity Supply Chain by Michael Mignano.
Public companies building for the Creativity Supply Chain

Creativity isn’t fleeting. Creativity is forever.



Lightspeed Venture Partners is a multi-stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in the Enterprise, Consumer, Health and Fintech sectors. Lightspeed manages $18 Billion, and has helped build 500+ companies over the past two decades.

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Michael Mignano

Partner, Lightspeed. Co-Founder, Anchor. Angel investor to 50+ startups. Former head of talk audio at Spotify.