Source: Forty Seven, Inc.

The Journey of Forty Seven — Doing What Matters.

Lightspeed would like to congratulate the Forty Seven team on the successful launch of the company in the public markets today.

Opening up funding of Forty Seven’s clinical trials and immunotherapy research to a broader universe of investors is an important milestone in achieving the company’s mission of helping patients defeat their cancer.

Founders Irv, Ravi, Mark, Jens and Jie have spent years at Stanford studying the role of CD47 in cancer evasion and developing an anti-CD47 antibody which served as the basis for the formation of Forty Seven in 2015.

The progress achieved at Stanford enabled the company’s accelerated buildout which was led during the startup phase by Jonathan MacQuitty and more recently by Mark McCamish, a veteran pharmaceutical industry executive.

The depth and experience of the team and board of directors supported the funding and execution of multiple parallel clinical trials targeting both solid tumors and blood-based cancers.

The hope is that by better harnessing the power of the human immune system, patients can access a less toxic path toward recovery from cancers that are presently life threatening and impair the quality of life of patients and their families during treatment.

Source: Forty Seven, Inc.

Lightspeed is fortunate to be collaborating with an innovative, mission-driven team focused on what really matters, making a difference in the lives of others.

Congratulations Forty Seven on raising the public funds necessary to continue developing novel therapies in the fight against cancer.

— Chris Schaepe, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

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