Welcoming Natalie Luu as an Investing Partner at Lightspeed.

We are thrilled today to welcome Natalie Luu to the investing team at Lightspeed as a Partner. I first met Natalie at an annual dinner Lightspeed hosts for Stanford graduate students. I came away impressed with her balance of experiences — from technology banking, to sourcing and evaluating startups, to her dual degrees from Stanford…to honing her boxing skills in her spare time!

Natalie was tapped to be the first Y Combinator college ambassador to scout budding entrepreneurs at universities, and while at Qatalyst Partners, she worked on numerous M&A and advisory transactions with companies in the software, internet and semiconductor space. Natalie also spent time at Accel-KKR, ZhenFund, and was formerly a product manager at Microsoft in Seattle.

Natalie sees the world through an analytical and engineering lens — while an undergraduate at Stanford, Natalie studied materials science engineering, and received an MS in management science and engineering.

Natalie joins Lightspeed at an exciting time as we continue to scale our growth investing team. We’re committed to hiring the right people to make sure we have generations of strong investors for years to come, and today I’m excited to welcome Natalie to the team.

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