Lightstreams Network is LIVE!

Development Complete. PHT Tokens Ready for Distribution.

Today, I am excited to announce that the Lightstreams Network is now Live! This marks the beginning of a new era of speed, privacy and incredible content rich decentralised applications (DApps).

We set the goal of launching the network by the end of Q1 2019 which has been achieved today! It has been a tremendous effort by the team to reach this milestone and we couldn’t have achieved it without the support of our community. I would personally like to thank all our early supporters who have been there with us from the beginning and those who have joined us along the way. Thank you.

Lightstreams Technolgy Stack — Development complete and live.

Lightstreams is a new blockchain network that has been designed for speed and privacy. It is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain meaning that applications that run on Ethereum can also run on Lightstreams and take advantage of its features — higher transaction throughput, faster confirmation times and the privacy features of our Smart Vault. The Smart Vault is perfect for selling or sharing digital content via programmed smart contracts on our decentralised network.

What does Go-Live mean?

You can now see the status of the live Lightstreams Network using the new Lightstreams Block Explorer.

Note: The only activity you will see are transactions by the Lightstreams team for setting up the distribution smart contract.

Lightstreams Blockchain Explorer

The first genesis block of the Lightstreams Blockchain has been initiated with two accounts as follows.

Name: Token Sale Account
Address: 0xf84700820e211f383ab6ac29844b461f653a5b48
Allocated Tokens: 165,000,000 PHT

Account Name: Project Account
Address: 0xc69cf54ee896c8545722d34673370d0f0ffcb964
Allocated Tokens: 135,000,000 PHT

Both accounts make up the total supply of 300,000,000 PHT tokens.

Tokens of the Token Sale Account remain in control of the project ready for distribution to Token Sale participants. To be clear, right now, only the Lightstreams’ Testing Team can make minor transactions from the Project Account until distribution occurs.

We will make an announcement shortly about when and how tokens will be distributed to the receiving accounts of purchasers.

Receiving Accounts

It is very important that if you purchased PHT Tokens during the Private, Pre-sale or Public rounds that you are in control of your private key. Please see these instructions on How to Create your PHT Wallet.

You must be in control of the private key for your wallet, crypto exchange or hardware wallet address cannot be used as the receiving address.

Private and Pre-Sale Participants

If you are a Private or Pre-Sale participant you should have already received instructions by email for how to generate your receiving account.

Note: If you participated as a member of a syndicate we have sent instructions to your representative and you will be notified very shortly.

Public Sale Participants

If you are a Public sale participant you should have already specified your receiving account during the Altcoinomy onboarding process. If you would like to change your receiving address, please contact Altcoinomy Support.

Will there be Launchpad?

We are considering allocating a proportion of the remaining unsold tokens for a launchpad scenario. At this stage, we have not made an announcement to confirm a launchpad partnership. We hope to update you shortly on this.

Lightstreams Launchpad

Developer Bug Bounty Program

In the coming days, we will be releasing more details on a Bounty Program where developers can install the Lightstreams stack, synchronise their local node and begin testing. If you are a software developer and are interested, please stay tuned or you can contact one of the team via our Discuss Forum.

What’s next?

The next few weeks we will be:

  • Testing the network and preparing the distribution scripts. You will see some minor transactions from the Project account as we do these tasks.
  • Resolving any security issues and completing a final audit.
  • Working with possible launchpad partners to integrate network nodes.
  • Ensuring we have collected all receiving accounts.
  • The Final Allocation Table for the Total Supply of PHT tokens.
  • Distribution of PHT Tokens.

We are working to distribute purchased PHT tokens as soon as we can. Please note, that Lightstreams is an entirely new blockchain network and we need to be sure that the main network is secure, tested and integrated with partners to ensure there is a smooth, safe and orderly beginning of transactions by users of the network. We appreciate your patience and will keep you updated.

Finally, I am really excited about the amazing Lightstreams applications coming in 2019, Fanbase and more.

Once again, thanks for your continual support.

Michael Smolenski
CEO — Lightstreams



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