Lightstreams: The Big Picture

Hi, and welcome to Lightstreams!

The blockchain based Content Publishing network. So what is the blue sky vision of Lightstreams…. where are we are heading?

Lightstreams is so much more than Content Publishing…

We have built a unique authorisation protocol for the blockchain that packs some pretty strong punch. Lightstreams opens up the possibility for many decentralised applications to use this security protocol.

What this means is that using the Lightstreams smart contracts can now be designed for some pretty sophisticated use cases that require a level of security that until now has not been possible.

Individuals and businesses can create contracts between one another and know that their transactions remain confidential.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities to use the Lightstreams network in the following applications:

  • Self-determined communities — Rather than police breaking into schools to close down polling stations (Catalonia), citizens can directly vote from home on issues they care about and have a greater say.
  • Decentralised messaging groups — Users will hold onto their messages. Not WhatsApp.
  • Social Media — Users can post news items to their circle of friends, without giving that info over Facebook and being targeted with fake news.
  • Supply chains — tracking of products between businesses globally to the final delivery to the customer. Customers will know with 100% certainty where their food comes from.
  • Real Estate — Property management. Tenants can know the full history of their rental property, who has lived there, rental prices, their landlord’s rating on responding to issues and form tenancy groups in apartment blocks. Likewise, landlords can know the history of a tenant’s ability to pay rent on time and how they take care of past rental properties.
  • Airbnb style bookings — Travellers can book directly with property owners avoiding an Airbnb service fee.
  • Personal management of health records — a patient holds their own health record and grants permission to physicians to access and modify specific sections.
  • Decentralised businesses — workers own and control a business where there is complete transparency of all business metrics for the workers and decisions related to the business strategy and direction are controlled by the workers.
  • And so much more…

So, why are we beginning with Content Publishing? A peer-to-peer streaming service for video, music, and documents?

Well, technically this is the first step on our journey to do all of the above. We have already proven that our technology works with the development of our test network, which you can see a demo here. Next, is to open this up to the world and scale from there.

Once we have gained the confidence of individuals and businesses of the simple use case of sharing digital content, we will move onto bigger and greater things!

If you are excited as we are, join our Telegram group and come share your thoughts about the possibilities.

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Thanks for reading!