Partnership: Lightstreams + Akropolis: Pension savings on the blockchain

I am very excited to announce a potential new partnership between Lightstreams and Akropolis. Both projects have agreed to collaborate together to explore implementing the use case of long term savings and pension wallets using distributed technology.

We will jointly explore a development of passive income and royalty payments for content producers that can be swept into long-term savings/pensions wallets. Integrating with Lightstreams technology will enable Akropolis to attach private information to smart contracts whilst retaining confidentiality.

Passive income and royalty payments can be passed to long-term savings/pension accounts

Akropolis is dedicated to building an entirely new pension provision to billions of people globally on blockchain infrastructure to enable low-cost, transparent, fully traceable to billions of people globally.

By removing inefficiencies and reliance on fund managers and third parties, Akropolis is putting control over their assets and data in the hands of individuals, whilst removing inefficiencies and misaligned incentives inherent in the legacy structures. For more information, please visit

I am really proud to collaborate with Akropolis on such a use case that will deliver in a practical real world benefit to people’s everyday lives!

Michael Smolenski
CEO — Lightstrams