Become a Lightsynther — Contribution Guide

Jun 15, 2017 · 4 min read

Join us with your #ShotWithLight

Dear my every current or future user family of Lightsynth! As you know, you can share your amazing photos anytime to help your app improvements and other users! If you wish, you should prepare your several original picture files have been taken under a little difficult lighting situation to correctly describe the reason why Lightsynth is useful to other users, and for comparing with default iOS camera apps.

If you join us, we will

  • Register and introduce your sample photos to our user collection, and all social channels.
  • Offer full redeem code pack of our all three paid apps, Live Focus(1.99), Elie Pro(2.99) and Animated Arts(0.99+2.99 IAP) to you if your sample photos are accepted after we review them.
  • Register you as a private beta user for all our apps going forward.


  1. At first, please request via DM or mail to us with your email address. We are going to prepare a submission pages soon!
  2. After you receive our invitation from DropBox, please accept.
  3. An then, you can upload photos into your exclusive folder of


  • Minimum two or three+ files are required what have been taken by Lightsynth or iOS Camera, also HDR mode if you can.
  • The format of filename is:
    {Case Number}_iOSCamera.jpg
    {Case Number}_iOSCameraHDR.jpg
    {Case Number}_Lightsynth_{MajorVersion}_{MinorVersion}.jpg
  • But If you feel bothered, leave as it is! We’ll do.

A reason why we made Lightsynth

Left — iOS Camera HDR, Right — Lightsynth, Original Photos by @gitmerge

Via this image, We can describe the key concept of Lightsynth to our users.

A Good Example 1: Dark Indoor + Sunny Outdoor

Left — iOS Camera HDR, Right — Lightsynth, Original Photos by Chris Messina

Needless to say, we can see the outdoor sky from the darken indoor! This comparison tells Lightsynth can be useful under tricky exposure condition.

A Good Example 2: Outdoor + Stark Contrast

Left — iOS Camera, Right — Lightsynth, Original Photos by @croing09

The bright area on the top of this image, the sky is almost maintained with correct exposure, but for the bottom, the tone range and shadow detail of dark area significantly improved. So our users can understand when they should use Lightsynth, and a reason why use.

The Best Example: A Report For Wrong White Balance

Left — iOS Camera, Right — Lightsynth, Original Photos by Chris Messina

Yeah, Our users can think, oh, it’s bad! But, first and foremost, such a report is very valuable information of its lighting situations, so essentially can help us to rapidly improve the quality of Lightsynth. Always welcome and thank you for your report!

A Not-So-Good Example 1: Just Brightness, Cloudy Outdoor

Left — iOS Camera, Right — Lightsynth, Original Photos by Craig Paterson

The core reason of Lightsynth is, through “adaptive multi-zonal exposure metering” technology, helping to get more widely exposure range and your all photos more softly. But lighting situation of above is cloudy. So paradoxically its exposure range and lighting condition is already very soft. Users can be difficult to understand for the advantage of Lightsynth

A Not-So-Good Example 2: Already Good Lighting Condition

Left — iOS Camera, Right — Lightsynth, Original Photos by Chris Messina

Two photos have been taken under already good lighting situation. So the results are almost same! Because Lightsynth is not an app for applying photo effects. It’s an optimizer. Always optimized input will output as same as optimized results.

We are dreaming for finally changing the way to capture the photography from the manual exposure control to autonomous. It will be no easy matter. Even then, would you like to join us while we are walking? We actively want to work with you, Lightsynthers.

Thanks for reading. See with the next post about the whitepaper and background of Lightsynth development.


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