Lightwell Team is Joining Twitter

Suzanne Xie
Aug 20 · 2 min read

Company news and what’s next for us 🙌🔮

We’re excited to share some BIG news for the Lightwell team! The team is joining Twitter to help work on the Conversations initiative. We have been long time passionate users of the product and after spending more time with the Twitter team, are incredibly energized to bring our experiences to further the broader mission of serving the public conversation.

Our team is so grateful for all your support as Lightwell creators over the years — it’s been an amazing ride. We could not have made it this far without our users, customers, investors, friends, and family. With your help, we built Lightwell into one of the most powerful design-to-production tools for mobile development.

We’re very happy to say that starting today: Lightwell is FREE to download and use!

What does this mean?

  • You won’t need to login or have an account to use the tool, which means that you can layout, animate, prototype, and export to iOS without a subscription.
  • All apps built with Lightwell will be completely unaffected. Any apps on the App Store can continue to be distributed without any change or updates. Any app currently being built can continue to be developed.
  • We will no longer be actively supporting the tool or adding new features, but please continue to enjoy the power of design-to-development on iOS!

We have loved every minute of working on Lightwell, and hope that it helped you express your creativity on the mobile medium!


Team Lightwell 💕✨

Lightwell Pro

The Lightwell team is now a part of Twitter. Follow @Twitter to keep up with the latest.

Suzanne Xie

Written by

Founder and CEO of @Hullabalu building @Lightwellpro. Fan of software and soft serve.🍦

Lightwell Pro

The Lightwell team is now a part of Twitter. Follow @Twitter to keep up with the latest.

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