Official Release of Airdrop has been announce by our co-founder , due the our team member fail to provide a correct amount of participation in the last airdrop which let to unable to process the amount of airdrop token given out.

Last airdrop was only given 100 LIGHTYEARS Token , This time around we have ordered to issue a 200 LYS Token for causing inconvenience to our community for a re-register airdrop campaign . Our team are truly sorry for any inconvenience cause due to such event .

For the coming new year , we decide to have more airdrop in the future, currently we have plans for the second round of airdrop date will be official release on our social media platform , Due to our some of our inexperience team member , we are trying to hire more team for supporting our network and the community . Thanks for continue supporting and trusting LightYears . LIGHTYEARS Bringing the future one step nearly to you

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