The Problem

Reference: It’s all About the Story Line — This Life — Halls & Walls of Time

The Problem is ever increasing


ever expanding

It Does not Cease
It Does not Sleep.

The Problem is always creeping in to New Areas.

There is no telling how Deep it is

or how far it

& it’s Ripples

go on.

The Anticipation of The Problem Always leads to


Unseen Consequences of our
Mutations of
The Problem

And New Solutions Must Be Found

All The Time


No matter that we are always
the problem,
The Problem,
trying to catch up
Clean up, FIX, and Prevent The Problem Again.

Construing ways, schemes, in order to minimize our damages

This game we play

Extending our lives with stress, just to live one more day.

We must believe,

that Because of the Problem


over Time

We Live


from our incessantly chasing New Solutions

The only question is; how intelligent are these seemingly chaotic programmatic systems & how far will they escalate?

Become Part of:
The Problem
The Solution / New Solutions

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{{Reference Contextual Framing: “Lenses” of cultures, Gods, and Powers, Ways of seeing the world; including Hierarchical Taxonomy structures of beliefs & values, ‘Stories’ as only root meaning of life; there within there are subjective values all over the place, with meanings specific to each ‘participant’ vicarious or present & integrated into the experience. The writing on the walls of time & the ripples of actions are the only things which have a chance of surviving — Alexander vs. Diogenes}}

Human Affliction is partly conditioning of mind to recognize aspects of pain associated to different values and trained response actions. {Filing Teeth}