It’s time to migrate! Migration to the new LikeCoin (and phasing out LikeCoin ERC-20)

Phoebe Poon
Dec 2, 2019 · 3 min read

How to be part of the LikeCoin upgrade? What do I need to do with the LikeCoin chain public launch?

Dear Community,

Today is the day! We are thrilled and excited to announce the public launch of the LikeCoin chain.

The existing LikeCoin ERC-20 will migrate from the Ethereum Blockchain to the LikeCoin chain. All LikeCoin ERC-20 will migrate to the new LikeCoin.

The token migration will require LikeCoin ERC-20 holders to provide their ETH wallet address and a new LikeCoin wallet address to complete the migration process.

Official Migration Channels

Website | Visit

For users who already have a Liker ID, you simply need to prepare your ETH wallet (Metamask or Ledger) and login to your Liker ID. The system will automatically issue a new LikeCoin wallet to your account during the migration process.


  • Prepare to log in to your LikerID and ETH wallet (MetaMask or Ledger)
  • Visit and follow the instructions provided. Learn more.

Exchanges | BitAsset & MyETHShop

We have contacted all relevant exchanges to facilitate a smooth transition for LikeCoin users.

BitAsset and MyETHShop will implement and support the new LikeCoin. There is no further action for users on these two platforms, it will automatically conduct the migration for you. You may reference the announcements for details.

Liquid will remain supporting LikeCoin ERC-20 only. Users can still trade, transfer and receive LikeCoin ERC-20. But if you wish to participate in the new LikeCoin trading, you may need to consider BitAsset and MyETHShop as alternatives.

We will continue the effort to explore listing on new exchanges and expand more trading markets in the upcoming months.

Liker Land app

The Liker Land app is now available on iOS and Android. The app integrates the new LikeCoin wallet and Liker Land reader in one place. You can easily follow authors and articles that you like and reward them directly.


What will happen to LikeCoin ERC-20?

We will not distribute LikeCoin ERC-20 after today’s launch of the LikeCoin chain. Users can still trade, transfer and receive LikeCoin ERC-20. However, it will fade out in practice and it will not support the LikeCoin chain.

During the migration process, we will collect LikeCoin ERC-20 from users and send new LikeCoin with the exact amount. The collected LikeCoin ERC-20 will be stored in a specific Ethereum address and will be burned periodically.

What if I don’t upgrade?

You will not be able to participate in the LikeCoin chain ecosystem and unable to enjoy its functions on the new mobile app such as staking, voting, and fund transfer between Liker ID.

My LikeCoin is on MetaMask, what should I do?

You simply need to login to your Liker ID on and it will require you to sign your Metamask to complete the migration process.

If MetaMask is your only method to log in to your LikeCoin account, please bind a Facebook, Google or Twitter account as soon as possible. With the launch of the LikeCoin chain and the Liker Land app, we will no longer support the MetaMask login method. Need help? We are here to help.


A Decentralized Protocol for Digital Content. Realign Creativity and Rewards on the Internet. | Reinventing the Like — 化讚為賞

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A Decentralized Protocol for Digital Content. Realign Creativity and Rewards on the Internet. | Reinventing the Like — 化讚為賞

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