LikeCoin Community Call #202011 Minutes

New validators self intro; follow up proposal #4; updates on Grant for the Web

Date & Time

  • 2020.11.02 (Mon) 1820–1900 (GMT +8)
LikeCoin community call 2020.11 (30 mins)

🇺🇳 中文版請到 Matters | Chinese version at Matters


1. Self introduction of new validators

2. To follow up proposal #4 and proposal #5

  • Chung Wu explained roughly the procedre of how proposal #4, which allows individual stakeholders to raise proposal and to vote directly, will be deployed (12'46")
  • kin ko (17'32"): proposal #5, which increase inflation rate to from 1% to 2%, has entered voting period. Validators should cast their vote regardless of their stance.
  • (Forbole couldn’t join the meeting but has rather written a piece on radical proposals, and explained why a fixed inflation of 2% is not ideal although it’s better than 1%)

3. Progress update

  • Phoebe Poon (21'10"): LikeCoin has received flagship grant from Grant for the Web, to integrate Web Monetization to LikeCoin protocol
  • Chung Wu (23'38"): more on the technical implementation following Grant for the Web

Next community call

  • LikeCoin community call is scheduled on first Monday every month
  • The next meeting will be held on 2020.12.07 (Mon) at GMT +8 1820 in
  • Look forward to seeing you then




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