Mining beta 1 campaign has concluded, a new campaign is coming soon. Thanks for your support!

Mining Beta 1 Campaign Round Up

The foundation has finished two promotion campaigns, has given out 377,400 LIKE to content creators since Jul 2018. The 2nd campaign let the creators insert a LikeButton in their articles to turn the “Likes” given by readers into income, was just finished. The next round of promotion campaign will start a week later, with a higher budget of bonus, and supporting WordPress sites which account for 30% of the world’s content websites.

Statistics and Insights

  • The campaign lasted for 12 days, distributed 122,400 LIKE, with 168 creators participated.
  • Around 40% are new participants, the total number of participants increased slightly.
  • There are 2,488 readers who gave Likes, and 170 out of this number have LikeCoin ID registered — which should be the creators as well, accounted for 7% of the total. The actual percentage should be even higher.
  • There are 41,677 Likes giving out in total, and 5,810 Likes out of the number are from those with LikeCoin ID registered, accounted for 14% of the total; and 35,867 readers gave Likes but without registered.
  • The participant who has got the most LIKE got 10047.51 LIKE.

The Next Step

  • Release WordPress plug-in to cover more web contents for mining.
  • Assign a higher budget for the mining pool to attract more creators to join the ecosystem.
  • Beta test releases for LikeButton on
  • Provide more exchange channels for better liquidity.

The details of our new promotion campaign will be released in a few days, with higher bonus budget to cover wider areas. Stay tuned.

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