LikeCoin community meet up in Taipei

"Reinventing the Like” beta 3 campaign wrap-up

The creator who get the most LikeCoin (LIKE) in the campaign got 76,985 LIKE (equivalent to HKD 1634 or USD 205). There are 227 new creators joined the community, 65% are individual websites.

The “Reinventing the Like beta 3” campaign has been finished. The next campaign will start on Oct 22 tentatively. The Likes you get from now up till the day will be counted and rewarded as well, so do not stop creating and sharing!

The beta 3 campaign last for 22 days, distributed 1,324,400 LIKE (equivalent to HKD 28,000/USD 3568) to 465 creators, rewarded 4673 new creative works.


The LikeCoin Community is Growing

The subject of the past campaign is “Strengthen the Community”. We are glad to find a lot of creators with various background and style joining the community during the campaign. Moreover, the first community-initiated meet up was held in both Hong Kong and Taipei on early Oct.

Keep “Turning Likes into Reward”

The details of the next campaign will be announced next week. By the way, the team are preparing the next big thing to let readers further support the creators by a more concrete act, please stay tuned for our plan.

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LikeCoin ( ) is a movement to reinvent the Like and rewards content creators. LikeButton is placed under creative contents, and generates rewards for the creators when clicked.

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