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Liking Life

Becoming REALLY good at what you do.

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The bad news is that it takes time to create a steady stream of clients and a coaching style that is both personal and powerful.

The good news is that it takes time to create a steady stream of clients and a coaching style that is both personal and powerful.

It just takes time.

And you can’t skip even a second.

There’s a learning curve and there’s an earning curve, and I guess most of us make all the exact same ‘mistakes’ in the beginning, and we all have to.

There is tremendous power in falling on your ass and getting up again, and you have to be willing to do so.

Coaching is not just about coaching: it’s also extremely important that you grow consistently as a human being, and (if you ask me) learn to truly love your spiritual nature.

Becoming a really good coach means you have to keep exploring your own shit and madness, your own judgements and prejudices and all the silly preferences that show up as reality.

Your coaching will benefit enormously from your willingness to learn and change and learn and change some more.

And again: that takes time, and guts, and patience.

I’ve been coaching for a couple of years now (maybe just 4, at least in a serious way), and although that hardly counts for a career, I’ve already lived through a dizzying amount of doubts and insecurities and fuck ups.

Money has been tight very often, results and confidence too.

I’ve created videos and blogs with various degrees of success (you can read that as a euphemism), and I coached for free a gazillion times.

I’ve heard more fierce NO’S! to my proposals than I thought I could ever handle.

And I’ve been very, very anxious and worried about my future as a coach.

Multiple times.

But I never stopped wanting to be an amazing one.

Wanting it more than anything else.

Because ever since I transitioned to this gig from my work as a creative ad person, I’ve been obsessed by it.

I consider that to be a good and very helpful thing.

My obsession was and is powered by curiosity and a deep fascination for and desire to know why we do what we do, and how we can do more of what fulfills us.

I’m endlessly intrigued by the fact that people can change SO radically, that it’s almost like they are born again.

I have a very natural and deep calling to uncover the spiritual connection that feels like home, and I love to share what I’ve experienced around that, from that same place.

For me, coaching is way more than a job: it’s the thing life has been preparing me for all these years, and I just know that to be true.

And still, even though I couldn’t stop myself from becoming a coach if I wanted to, it has taken a tremendous amount of perseverance to just hang in there, and arrive at a place of relative ease and trust.

Of course I’m still a beginner.

But the momentum I’ve been waiting for, seems to have kicked in a little while ago.

So hang in there.

It just takes time.

(Photo by @alex_andrews, for Unsplash)



What happens when you finally quit drinking and hiding and no longer run away from your pain? What’s the use of living a spiritual life? How do you learn to love yourself? Can you still fuck up generously? I share what I experience as I start liking life.

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