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Liking Life

Nothing to do.

(Photo by @verkei, for Unsplash)

You can start with nothing.

More accurately: you ALWAYS start with nothing.

Did you know that?

Every piece of text I ever wrote, every advertising concept that was ever conceived through me, every chat I ever had, started with nothing.

Every relationship I’ve been a part of, both meaningful and lasting, or quick and sweaty and dirty, every fight I was in, every hug that melted away the anger and the frustration, came out of nowhere.

Everything that is something, was born from there.

But we are always looking for the Thing.

The Inspiration.

The Brilliant Idea.

The Form.

No, no, no, it’s not the way to go.

It’s beyond what’s helpful and powerful.

Respect the Nothing.

Cherish the Nothing.

The Nothing will give you Everything.

The Nothing is the rich soil, the universal womb, the potential that pushes out it’s brilliance, effortlessly, always, forever.

There’s always Nothing you can rely on.

Nothing to do, and Nothing will be left undone.

Just imagine:

Many, many gifts are waiting.

(Photo by @verkei, for Unsplash)



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