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It’s an NFT World First…

Our carbon yield NFTs are making history… will you be a part of it?

The release of the Origins Collection has arrived and these NFTs will work in a totally new way. Let us explain.

Origins Collection NFTs are the world’s first Carbon Yield NFTs.

Holders can stake their NFTs on the Likvidi Marketplace to earn carbon credits and go carbon neutral for 2023.

But why would you want carbon credits?

Well, they’re currently one of our best weapons to fight climate change. Almost everything we do comes with a carbon cost, whether it’s streaming a movie or ordering a pizza. These carbon emissions are #1 driver of global warming. The solution? Taking back the carbon we put into the atmosphere.

It’s easier said than done, but thanks to projects such as those in Indonesia, Brazil, and the Congo, we’re able to obtain high quality carbon credits originating from forestry projects that prevent carbon from being released into the atmosphere and preserve valuable ecosystems.

An Asset for the Future

Carbon credits are hot property, and they’re only going to get hotter. Have you noticed how it seems like everyone has a target to go Net Zero these days? Well, they’re not going to be able to do this straight away. In the meantime, they’ll need to buy carbon credits to make up the difference.

Carbon credit demand could increase 15x by 2030 according to McKinsey estimates, so that means the value of these credits will increase too. Good news for anyone yielding carbon with us!

Staking your NFT will initially yield carbon credits at a target rate of one per month, equivalent to one tonne of carbon taken out of the atmosphere. This yield rate will continue for the first twelve months. Thereafter the rate will be dynamic. Within four months you should have enough to offset the emissions of the average global citizen for a year!

But wait, there’s more…

Become a Likvidi O.G.

This is your chance to be the first ones to the party and reap the biggest rewards. We’re only releasing 1020 NFTs and if you’re one of the holders of these we’ll invite you to join the exclusive Originators club.

Along with substantial bragging rights, you’ll get:

  • A FREE companion animal NFT drop.
  • Access to the exclusive Originators Club on Discord.
  • Early access to selected new drops on the Likvidi Marketplace.
  • Discounted merchandise.
  • VIP status at future real-life events.

The Future is in Our Hands

It can be easy to feel powerless in the face of climate change. But we’re here to change that.

Our Carbon Yield NFTs are your access point to the carbon credits market and a way to support conservation projects around the world so that they can keep sucking carbon out of the atmosphere.

Together we can help tip the balance away from destructive climate change and towards a happier, healthier future for our planet. Positive change is possible.

Mint your Origins NFT today at

Or join our Discord or Telegram to get the latest news from Likvidi.



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