Binance smart chain has achieved a series of outstanding results in past few months. BSC has recently surpassed ethereum in terms of transaction volume and the number of unique active wallets , with a volume exceeding 700 billion usd

With the growth of smart chain new projects on BSC are on the rise . One of Such Rising Star is CUE Protocol


BSC Based token, $CUE is a creative community driven protocol with Deflationary circulation supply .CUE holders can vote on the usage of the governance wallet such as burn or spend on marketing/development etc.

CUE will launch a “ A Project Due Diligence Platform” which will help help crypto investors avoid potential rug projects, and the dapp will help investors make better investment decisions.This platform will also help crypto projects shine a good light on themselves as a valid investment opportunity. There are other elements within the platform that will be disclosed later on.


The total supply is 10,000 CUE. The 2.5% transaction fees will go to the governance wallet, and THE holders will decide their fate at regular intervals, causing burns so that this supply will decrease over time.

Circulating supply is around 7,300 and this is calculated below:

10,000–2,000 (liquidity with 1 year lock) — 698 (tokens remaining in deployer) = 7,302.

This shows that Fundamentally $CUE stands Super Bullish


cue chart

$Cue was launched on pancake swap on 15th March . It started a massive rally to the moon on 30th march from 31$ and smashed an all time high of 280$ on 2nd April .

After smashing the ATH it retraced a bit and now its nicely holding a strong support around 145$. As soon as more updates are released by team and volume starts growing it is ready to pump more hard then earlier .

$CUE is a must have to make some fat gains this Alt Season . #DYOR






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