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Weekly round-up — Week 20, 2020

May 11th-17th

By Ian Schneider on Unsplash

So lockdown eased up in some of the world this week… People are still going out wearing masks though, and social distancing is still in force.

I had tea with a friend for the first time in eight weeks, in her front garden, keeping two metres apart. It’s beginning to feel like the new normal.

Writing-wise, I put out my fourth IdeaStream, full of prompts and inspiration for writers.

I was mega impressed with Marilyn Flower who came up with not one but four limericks for my limerick starter. Warning: They’re a little bit lewd.

Not to be outdone, Caroline de Braganza dug deep in her limerick box; oo-er! Rudeness barometer off the scale!!

The sky at night never fails to amaze me.

A challenge from MuddyUm editor Susan Brearley had me reaching deep into my memory box

With a fifty-page document released to explain the reopening of life after lockdown, no wonder we are confused.

And still on the subject of being brief, I had to confess, like my mum, I don’t like panties.

A poetry prompt inspired a love poem for my wonderful man.

I tried my hand at writing all in cliches.

Saturday soup time!/selfie by author

I decided to resurrect my Caribbean cookery club, in a slightly different format…

Finally, I was beyond excited to join the roll call of writers with a feature page at The Bad Influence

Some stories from my peers that caught my attention this week

Jimmy Doom took the same 5 words as I did in Fight On, above, and look at what he did with them.

Holly Jahangiri had just a little bit of trouble with her exploding, er, boob.

Marie T Smith was left fuming by the different rules under a ‘united’ kingdom

Photo by Getúlio Moraes on Unsplash

Alex Boast with some really good advice on dealing with rejection.

That’s all I have for now.

I hope you emerge successfully from lockdown… if that’s happening where you are.

Till next week,

Wishing you health, wellness, peace, and happiness,

all best,




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