3 Tips for Getting Started as an Influencer

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Social media has enabled individuals of all backgrounds and upbringings to connect with one another on common interests. Those who are extremely passionate via their social media profiles have grown to become what are known as “influencers”: people whose presence on social media is so compelling, others are influenced by it.

Being an influencer is extremely beneficial to one’s personal brand or cause. It spreads word far and wide across the world about them, and is a great platform for them to promote brands and services they are passionate about. From a business standpoint, it is a great monetization tool, as followers can be influenced in their buying decisions and web traffic behavior.

Today, I’ll be sharing three tips to get started as an influencer via your preferred social platform. I don’t presume to be the cornerstone of all knowledge influencer, but I do have a couple sources of intel: my personal Instagram, blog and my experience working as a Social Media Consultant at Nashville-based social marketing startup JumpCrew. In both my observed and personal experiences, there are three main things to focus on to foster organic growth: engagement, building brand awareness and finding new followers or fans.

Engage with your Audience

Engagement is what we refer to as interaction between influencers and their followers. Engagement can be measured in likes, comments and other comparable activity. Having high engagement levels is attractive to potential followers and advertisers. The best way to drive engagement is mainly by posting engaging content; that means, eye-catching visuals, a stringent aesthetic, and compelling text. It’s also important to engage with your followers and other, similar influencers. There is plenty of room for everyone on the Internet, and developing relationships with others will develop your own engagement.

Build your Personal Brand

Brand awareness doesn’t necessarily need to refer to a brand or company name; rather, it is the image of one’s self as an influencer, and as a brand. It might seem odd or to refer to yourself as a brand, but in doing so, the way you develop your brand awareness aligns with the way a company would develop their brand. Think about your favorite brands: notice that their logo and branding are consistent across all mediums of marketing. Apply the same ideas to your influencer profiles. Consistency is key here, both in the aesthetic of your look, and your post schedule. Consider creating your own logo and develop a great content calendar. Once your followers are familiar with your pattern, they’ll come to expect a schedule and look from you in their feeds.

Grow your Followers

Perhaps the largest hurdle of becoming an influencer is finding new followers. It is important to do this as organically as possible, so as to ensure your legitimacy as an influencer. Engagement ties into building followings in a big way, as people who appreciate your pages will share them with others. Followings will also always build with time, so patience is key. Don’t worry too much about the numbers — we in social media marketing refer to these as “vanity metrics.” Just focus on creating great content, and the followers will come.