Sonshi Style — A Style Of Putting HHKB Keyboard On Laptop

Masayuki Goto
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3 min readMar 3, 2018


It is productive and comfortable.

My Sonshi Style

I’m a Japanese programmer and a newbie of Medium. I like Medium. I can read interesting stories not only Japanese but also English, and write my thought so casually in Medium. Recently, I read the post written by Ev Williams, and I knew that Medium is not a just publishing tool, but “a network of ideas”. I inspired by that, and would like to try to watch the response or enhancement in Medium by my English story, though my English is poor.

What I would like to introduce first is Sonshi Style.

About Sonshi Style

Do you know Sonshi Style? Sonshi Style(Japanese: 尊師スタイル) is a style of putting keyboard on laptop. 尊師 in English meaning is guru. スタイル in English meaning is style, as it is. The background photo of this story is my Sonshi Style. It is comfortable :-)

In Japan, it is said that Sonshi Style is derived that Richard Matthew Stallman(RMS) began to put the keyboard on the laptop at the event site. It seems that the word of 尊師 refers to him, in honor to him, I guess.


Relationship between Sonshi Style and HHKB

It seems that there is a strong relationship between Sonshi Style and Happy Hacking Keybord(HHKB).

First reason is that RMS uses HHKB. The following shows HHKB facebook page’s post. PFU made HHKB presented HHKB to RMS, and RMS gave a sign in return.

Second reason is that HHKB OFFICIAL twitter account mentioned about Sonshi Style. The following shows HHKB OFFICIAL tweet.

Free translation
Screen: I also got a lot done today !! #Sonshi Style

How to start Sonshi Style

Do you want to try Sonshi Style? it is necessary to ready some gadgets to start comfortable Sonshi Style. Here’s the my Sonshi Style.

If you use a keyboard not HHKB, it is better to choose no numeric keypad type because it is compact.

Also, if you don’t have keyboard bridge, it is possible to put a keyboard on built-in keyboard of laptop directly, but it is necessary to disable built-in keyboard’s input using keyboard remapping software such as Karabiner.

Happy Hacking with Sonshi Style!